If you have an opinion from your physician and would like to receive a second opinion from a Cleveland Clinic physician from the comfort of your home, you can use the MyConsult® Online Medical Second Opinion.

MyConsult Cost

  • For a fee of $565.00 ($745.00 if pathology is included), you can receive a MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion.
  • Upon payment, you will be securely connected via the web to a Cleveland Clinic physician specialist.
  • The specialist can confirm that the diagnosis and treatment plan recommended by your physician is the best option, or recommend other options.

MyConsult Process

  1. Obtain all of your medical records pertaining to your diagnosis in English.
  2. Go to the MyConsult® website to set up a secure online account.
  3. Select your current diagnosis.
  4. Enter all of the information required by the Cleveland Clinic physician/s (you can save your entered information at any time to ensure your data isn’t lost if you have to stop).
  5. We will send you a checklist of any other information you need to send us.
  6. Enter payment information and submit your request.
  7. Once all of the required information (including payment information) is received by Cleveland Clinic and found to be complete, your case will be assigned to a physician. 
  8. Our physician will review and provide a comprehensive report in approximately 10-14 business days (Monday-Friday).
  9. You should share and discuss the report with your family or hometown physician.