At Cleveland Clinic Florida’s maternity care hospitals, we combine exceptional obstetrics and maternity care with a comforting and memorable experience. You’re in expert hands with our team of experienced obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine physicians, midwives and nurses.

Our Indian River Hospital and Martin Hospital locations are equipped to handle routine deliveries and high-risk pregnancies. With our skilled team and the most advanced equipment, you receive the highest quality care, close to home.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic Florida?

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic Florida?

The hospital you choose is an important part of your labor and delivery plan. You can feel confident in our obstetrics and maternity care because we offer:

  • Experienced doctors: Our caring, skilled obstetricians deliver the most advanced care to mothers and their babies throughout pregnancy and beyond. Together, our team of doctors care for thousands of mothers and babies each year. Our doctors provide expert care for high-risk pregnancies, cesarean sections and vaginal births. Meet our OB-GYN team.
  • Certified nurse-midwife care: Our comprehensive labor and delivery team includes experienced certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) at our Martin North, Indian River and Tradition hospital locations. Our CNMs partner with our physician hospitalists to provide 24/7 care for vaginal births, including vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) at our Martin North hospital.
  • Modern, comfortable rooms: Our spacious labor and delivery rooms are private rooms with private bathrooms. Some of our rooms also include labor tubs. Our nurses focus on helping you have a calm environment throughout your labor. Our labor and delivery and postpartum units are also secure and locked for your and your baby’s safety.
  • Mom and baby focus: Our team is here to give you the confidence and skills needed to embark on your parenting journey. We help keep your baby close during the first hours and days after birth. We also offer breastfeeding coaching and support. You can keep your baby at your bedside throughout your postpartum stay, and we wait at least eight hours before bathing your baby.
Maternity Care Services We Provide

Maternity Care Services We Provide

New mothers come to us for complete, compassionate maternity care. We have the full range of labor, delivery and postpartum care. Services we provide include:

  • Labor-delivery-recovery care.
  • Surgical suites for cesarean births.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Labor-delivery-recovery care

Whether you choose our certified nurse-midwives or obstetricians, our team cares for you throughout your entire birthing experience. Our experienced labor and delivery nurses also support and monitor you continuously. We use the latest monitoring equipment to ensure your and your baby’s well-being during labor and after birth.

Surgical suites for cesarean births

For moms who need a cesarean birth (C-section), we have experienced obstetricians who perform planned and emergency procedures. After your baby arrives, you and your baby may move to one of our private postpartum rooms. Here, you and your baby have time to recover and bond in a peaceful environment.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

When your baby needs extra support, we have the specialists and equipment to help. Martin North Hospital and Tradition Hospital have intensive care beds for babies. Our NICU beds provide exceptional care for babies with special healthcare needs. Our neonatologists and staff care for your baby 24 hours a day.

These hospitals also have level II Special Care Nurseries. This level of nursery cares for babies born at or after 32 weeks and weighing more than 3.3 pounds. Our team communicates with you frequently to keep you informed of your baby's progress every step of the way.

Our Doctors Appointments & Locations

Appointments & Locations

Make an appointment at one of our Cleveland Clinic Florida locations, or schedule a virtual visit.