Our Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation Program, part of the Cleveland Clinic Florida Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute, offers comprehensive care for cardiovascular conditions. Our team cares for patients who have cardiovascular disease, those at high risk of cardiovascular problems and those who have had a recent event, such as heart attack or stroke.

Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic Florida: Why Choose Us?

Our program offers a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular care. We focus on preventing heart and vascular disease, managing symptoms of cardiovascular conditions and improving your quality of life. This specialized program provides:

  • Complete cardiac rehabilitation: Our team includes multiple specialists to address each area of rehabilitation after a cardiac event. We guide you through nutrition, exercise, stress testing and specialized risk-reduction programs. Together, this multi-faceted approach helps you recover safely and efficiently.
  • Personalized prevention plans: Every patient is different, so your care should be customized for you. Our team has decades of experience evaluating risk factors for cardiovascular disease and the best ways to manage them. Our specialists use their extensive knowledge and experience to create a plan that works with your unique needs.
  • Whole-person focus: Our experts provide specialized treatment for cardiovascular disease with other health conditions, from diabetes to depression. At Cleveland Clinic Florida, you have access to a complete range of specialists, ready to cover any health needs that arise.
  • Convenient care: Your heart health is important, so we make appointments flexible for your needs. Our experts are available for in-person and virtual visits when appropriate. With our secure virtual visits, you meet with our experts from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Types of Care We Provide

Types of Care We Provide

We provide the full range of prevention and rehabilitation care to manage:

  • Diabetes, pre-diabetes or insulin resistance with heart disease.
  • Existing cardiovascular disease, from mild to severe.
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol, even if it’s difficult to treat.
  • Lifestyle factors to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, such as tobacco use.
  • Mental health conditions that may come with heart or vascular disease, such as anxiety or depression.
  • Risk factors for heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular conditions.
Our Doctors

Our Doctors

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