Pediatric Nephrology


Dialysis Unit CLABSI Rates per 100 Patients/Month

2015 - 2021

The Department of Pediatric Nephrology is a part of a SCOPE collaborative, which is a nationwide initiative to decrease infections in peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis patients. This collaborative has standardized line care for patients and decreased infection rates among patients.

CLABSI rates are presented per 1000 CVC (central vascular catheter) days, and per 100 patients/month. CLABSI rates are not expressed in terms of inpatient days, as these patients return home between treatments. Line care is performed both inside and outside of the hospital.

Children's Hospital Association. (n.d.). SCOPE dialysis collaborative.

Cleveland Clinic's target for this metric is based on national data provided by the CDC.

CLABSI= central-line associated bloodstream infection

CDC= Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CLABSI Rates per 1000 CVC Days

2018 - 2022

Cleveland Clinic's target for this metric is based on one study that evaluated CLABSI rates in children on dialysis, which found an infection rate of 1.9 per 1000 catheter-days.

Hayes, W. N., Watson, A. R., Callaghan, N., Wright, E., Stefanidis, C. J., & European Pediatric Dialysis Working Group. (2012). Vascular access: choice and complications in European paediatric haemodialysis units. Pediatric Nephrology, 27(6), 999-1004.

CVC= central vascular catheter