Pediatric Quality, Safety, and Patient Experience

Pediatric Institute Inpatient Infection Rates

The Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) is a ratio that measures hospital acquired infections (HAIs) at the facility, hospital, and national level. The SIR is a risk adjusted measure showing the ratio of observed HAIs over predicted HAIs and should be at or below 1.0 (indicating HAIs were at or below predicted levels). ¹


2018 - 2020

A central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) occurs when bacteria enters a patient's bloodstream through a central line.


2018 - 2020

A Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) is an infection of the urinary tract associated with with a catheter placement used to drain the bladder of urine (ex. Foley catheter).

Data includes all pediatric inpatient units at Main Campus, Fairview Hospital, and Hillcrest Hospital, excluding Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation because any infections at that location are not reportable to NHSN.