When emergencies happen, you can feel confident knowing the world class care of Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland Clinic Children’s is nearby. With convenient locations, advanced technology, and a wide range of medical expertise, we offer children specialized treatment for everything from illnesses to critical injuries.

Emergency Departments, Urgent Care and Express Care Clinics are assuredly safe environments for children to receive treatments. Our team of experienced, highly trained and dedicated pediatric professionals provide excellent care specifically for children.

Why should I consider a dedicated pediatric emergency department for my child's emergency care?

Emergency Departments treat children quickly and efficiently, featuring a streamlined process that reduces wait times.

Our pediatric specific emergency departments are located at Fairview Hospital and Hillcrest Hospital.

Benefits of a dedicated pediatric emergency department include:

  • Specialty trained staff in pediatric emergency care.
  • Separate waiting room for children.
  • Pediatric-only treatment rooms and equipment.
  • Child Life Specialists on staff provide guidance and emotional support to help children and their families experience less trauma and anxiety while at the hospital.

In non-emergency situations, what are the benefits of visiting a Cleveland Clinic Express Care® Clinic?

Our Urgent Care and Express Care Clinics provide prompt treatment for children 2 years and older with minor illnesses and injuries.

No appointments are necessary, and walk-ins are welcome.

Does Cleveland Clinic Children's offer virtual visits?

For non-emergency concerns, pediatric patients ages 2 and older can get a diagnosis and treatment through Express Care Online, which is medical care built for the way your family lives today. It’s a simple, affordable service that lets you have a virtual visit with a healthcare provider whenever and wherever you want, via an Internet connection or by mobile app. No appointment is necessary and providers are available 24/7/365.

Select pediatric patients can also have virtual follow-up appointments with their Cleveland Clinic specialist. Ask your provider if a virtual scheduled follow-up appointment is right for your child!

Still having a hard time deciding where to go for care?

It’s important to know where your child should go when an unexpected illness or injury occurs.

We know life happens in a split second. Is your child's arm broken or just sprained? Don’t panic! Knowing the right place to go will have you feeling better fast!