The ACET Medication Monitoring Program is designed to help parents and physicians select the best dose of a medicine when treating ADHD. It is a safe, systematic, and well-monitored method for testing whether a stimulant relieves symptoms of ADHD. The service confirms:

  1. The stimulant’s efficacy
  2. The presence or absence of side effects
  3. “Best” dose

This four-week therapeutic monitoring can be used to start or to change medicine. The patient will receive one week each of a placebo, low, moderate, and high dose of the medicine in a double-blind trial. (You may download the attached protocol.) After the trial, a one-page summary of the results is provided to the primary care physician who will manage ongoing care.

ACET Medication Monitoring Program fulfills guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Practice Parameters of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. It benefits patients in several ways:

  • Demonstrates medication effects to parents who are uncertain about pharmaceutical treatment
  • Shows potentially positive effects to treatment-reluctant teens
  • Circumvents media disinformation regarding medical treatment of ADHD

ACET Medication Monitoring Program also generates reliable patient information to help physicians thoroughly monitor medication response when busy schedules preclude doing so.


Please contact our office if you have questions regarding the ACET Medication Monitoring Program. Appointments take 20-30 minutes and are scheduled on Fridays. If you have questions and wish to reach us directly, please call 216.445.7574.


Cost of medicine for the four-week therapeutic monitoring is $52.00. Cost for the visit is billed to insurance and based on insurance benefits. Patients may be responsible for co-pay per visit.