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Strategic alliances are at the heart of our mission to turn innovative ideas into real-world solutions.

In addition to working with leading scientists, clinicians, researchers and caregivers, we welcome a range of health tech investors, including corporations, startups, venture firms, entrepreneurs and other partners for collaboration.


As a Cleveland Clinic inventor, you are our primary customer and most valuable asset. We’re passionate about translating your discoveries and investigations into life-changing products. Our team of experienced professionals helps protect, develop and commercialize your important work.

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Medical Technology Licensing

We have many innovative medical technologies available for licensing across a broad range of domains and disciplines. From medical devices and pharmaceuticals to diagnostics and digital health, our portfolio showcases de-risked inventions with true market potential. A dedicated business development team member guides you toward the right solution for your problem and streamlines the licensing process.

Industry Partnerships

We’re always looking for corporate partnerships to deliver discoveries in healthcare to the marketplace. Many factors go into identifying the most impactful partnerships, including carefully assessing an invention’s market potential and the industry’s competitive landscape.


Cleveland Clinic Innovations starts and supports spinoff companies for many of the most promising of our technologies. A team with deep expertise and experience in business and venture finance coordinates company formation, funding, management and governance.

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Our 50,000-square-foot technology incubator, located on Cleveland Clinic’s renowned main campus and next to the Lerner Research Institute, offers startups, portfolio companies and other businesses a place to grow and thrive. Our Incubator features state-of-the-art laboratories, office space and access to experienced innovations development specialists.

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