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Our Story

Cleveland Clinic has been at the forefront of medicine for more than 100 years. Since its founding in 1921, the mission has been clear: caring for life, researching for health and educating those who serve. Innovation is a core part of this mission, propelling us to continuously search for newer, better ways to help patients.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations was born out of a vision to bring the discoveries of our world-class scientists, researchers and clinicians to the world. A few of our milestones include:

  • 2020: Vaccines for breast and ovarian cancer licensed.
  • 2017: First deep brain stimulation for stroke recovery performed.
  • 2014: Novel device for remote heart monitoring developed.
  • 2008: Nation’s first near-total face transplant performed.
  • 2007: Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center established.
  • 2006: Leading-edge left atrial appendage device introduced.

Our Process

Our mission is to implement innovative solutions wherever we see a need. That’s why we take a unique team approach to technology commercialization. This approach helps us move more inventions across the finish line to commercialization and optimize products for success in the marketplace. Domain experts are dedicated to each phase of the process, working together to:

  • Streamline the innovation process.
  • Ensure every idea receives the attention it deserves.
  • Keep inventors involved and updated on the status of their inventions.
Our Process

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1. Engagement

Engagement Partners advocate for inventors throughout the technology transfer process. They guide inventors through the process of disclosing their idea and crafting strong value propositions for the inventions. Inventors and Engagement Partners work together to qualify viable inventions and move them to the Assessment phase.

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2. Assessment

The Assessment team specializes in market intelligence and intellectual property analysis. They assess an invention’s commercial potential and patentability. They also evaluate competitive landscapes and examine whether the invention fulfills a clinical need. Their industry expertise helps determine which inventions are ready for the Development phase.

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3. Innovation Development

The Development team translates vetted ideas into viable technologies. Scientists and engineers draw on extensive domain experience to create development programs, define milestones and build prototypes. They mitigate risk for Commercialization by validating the invention’s design, performance and safety.

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4. Commercialization

Developed technologies can take several paths to the market. They may be licensed to strategic industry partners or stand-alone spinoff companies. The Business Development and Licensing team identifies the right investment partners for new technologies. They build strategic relationships, negotiate licensing terms, execute agreements and optimize a product’s potential for long-term success in the marketplace.

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Our Impact

Through our established culture of innovation, transformative research and unmatched clinical talent, our impact touches the lives of patients, communities and caregivers. From a breast cancer vaccine to safer IV lines, we invite you to explore our stories.

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Our Team

Transforming an idea into a final product takes a team of experts. We blend talent, experience and the resources of one of the world’s leading healthcare organizations to achieve exceptional results for inventors, investors, partners and our patients.

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Our Technologies and Companies

We assess, protect, build, test and commercialize the most promising ideas of our caregivers. Specialists guide inventions through each phase of the process. The result? Streamlined technology transfer, superior products and faster time to the market.

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