Celebrate Innovation

Guided by our enterprise mission to continue to improve the care our patients receive, innovation is happening at every clinical and administrative level. From this innovation comes inventorship, ground-breaking research, and marketable technologies with the power to revolutionize healthcare.

Innovation Is One of Cleveland Clinic’s Most Essential and Celebrated Core Values

For over 100 years, innovation has driven our patient care, research, and education of our caregivers. Innovation has allowed us to discover and implement new and better ways to deliver healthcare solutions and answer problems once thought unsolvable.

Cleveland Clinic has become one of the world's top health systems, with over 72,000 caregivers worldwide. As our national and global influence has expanded, so has our culture of innovation, with caregivers all across our enterprise sharing the desire to revolutionize healthcare. Many major medical breakthroughs in history originated from Cleveland Clinic caregivers, ranging from the first coronary angiography in 1958 to the discovery of an intestinal bacteria product that can predict heart disease risk in 2013.

How we are thinking differently

Our ideas are radical, and Cleveland Clinic caregivers think differently. We reinvented patient care based on an integrated delivery model that allows us to bring innovative discoveries to patients faster. Research and clinical care are seamlessly integrated and aligned. New, revolutionary computing technologies will help our doctors and researchers accelerate the pace of discovery so that we can deliver better care to patients and save more lives. Our ground-breaking approach to data-driven precision medicine resulted in Cleveland Clinic being the first medical center in America to push through full genome sequencing for cancer patients with complicated cases.

Looking to the future

As we look forward to future advances, we recognize that innovation happens by caregivers across our enterprise. Our caregivers stepped up to find new ways to care for patients during a global pandemic, no matter their title, experience, or identity. Here at Cleveland Clinic, we celebrate that anyone can be an innovator who shares our passion for improving health through science and technology. “Celebrate Innovation" is a moment to pause and reflect on the significant impact of Cleveland Clinic caregivers’ innovations in patients' lives. Leveraging these successes to inspire other caregivers helps drive forward Cleveland Clinic’s mission to revolutionize how patient-centered, life-changing technologies are developed and delivered to market.

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