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Our diverse portfolio of more than 40 spinoff companies showcases our mission to make the latest scientific discoveries and inventions available to patients around the world. A dedicated team of business experts supports our ventures throughout their life cycle, from formation, management and governance to funding and potential acquisition. Startup companies can access our state-of-the-art technology Incubator, as well as the Cleveland Clinic and Lerner Research Institute’s vast resources for research and testing.

Featured Companies

Our portfolio includes a wide range of venture technology companies, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and digital health at a range of development stages.

Abcon Therapeutics®

People faced with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), an aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, needed better treatment options with fewer side effects. Cancer researchers from Cleveland Clinic went to work. Abcon Therapeutics® was born from their work on a new antibody therapy that targets MCL tumor cells while sparing healthy cells. In 2022, Abcon received its first Small Business Technology Transfer Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Centerline Biomedical®

FDA-cleared endovascular navigation technology makes procedures safer, faster and more precise. A GPS-like tracking system for medical procedures reduces radiation exposure, allows intraoperative 3D visualization and provides real-time guidance of catheters and guidewires.

Avaneer Health®

The launch of a member-based network built on blockchain technology creates greater transparency, security and efficiency for data-sharing between healthcare providers, payers, employers and consumers.

Learn More About Our Companies

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Health IT Companies

Health IT Companies

Explorys logo


Explorys provided a healthcare cloud-computing platform for enterprise performance management to integrated healthcare systems to identify patterns in diseases, treatments, and outcomes. (Acquired by IBM, 2015)

Family Care Path logo

Family Care Path

Family Care Path collects and analyzes family history and other phenotypic information to improve population health management and clinical decision support across a range of hereditary conditions. The Company has also developed a CRM-based tool to help better navigate cancer patients along their journey from initial diagnosis through treatment.

FlexLife Health logo

FlexLife Health

FlexLife Health, in collaboration with NASA, developed a remote patient monitoring technology for the care of chronically managed patients. (Acquired by LifeWatch AG, 2015)

ImageIQ logo


ImageIQ was an innovative contract research organization that specialized in advanced medical image acquisition, analysis, and visualization for use in medical device and pharmaceutical clinical trials. (Acquired by ERT, 2017)

Xealth logo


Xealth is a digital health prescribing platform that enables clinicians to easily integrate, prescribe, and monitor digital health tools for patients from their EHR workflows.

Medical Device Companies

Medical Device Companies

Cardionomic Logo


Cardionomic is developing a neuromodulation device for the management of acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) by improving cardiac output via improved contractility. The inpatient cost of ADHF care is extremely high – accounting for 60% of total heart failure expenditures.

Cell X Technologies logo

Cell X Technologies

Cell X Technologies develops and commercializes precision robotic technologies that span the entire cell manufacturing process.

Centerline Biomedical logo

Centerline Biomedical

Centerline’s Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS) is a platform technology that enhances visualization and navigation across a range of endovascular procedures, while reducing exposure to harmful radiation for patients and physicians.

Custom Orthopaedic Solutions logo

Custom Orthopaedic Solutions

Custom Orthopaedic Solutions developed preoperative planning software and produced patient specific bone models to improve the accuracy and outcomes of orthopaedic surgeries. (Acquired by Arthrex, 2018)

Enspire DBS Therapy logo

Enspire DBS Therapy

Enspire DBS Therapy aims to revitalize stroke recovery using deep brain stimulation alongside physical rehabilitation to restore motor function for stroke survivors living with disability.

Mitria Medical logo

Mitria Medical

Mitria Medical is developing a minimally invasive transcatheter mitral valve repair implant.

NaviGate Cardiac Structures logo

NaviGate Cardiac Structures

NaviGate Cardiac Structures Inc. (NCSI) is developing transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement solution for the treatment of tricuspid regurgitation.

Perfusion Solutions logo

Perfusion Solutions

Perfusion Solutions is developing a minimally-invasive implantable ultra-small heart pump technology for acute and chronic heart failure.

VisionAir Solutions logo

VisionAir Solutions

VisionAir Solutions designs and manufactures 3D patient-specific silicon airway stents, eliminating the need for onsite modification.

XII Medical logo

XII Medical

XII Medical is developing a minimally-invasive outpatient technology for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Therapeutics & Diagnostics Companies

Therapeutics & Diagnostics Companies

Cashel Neural Logo

Cashel Neural

Cashel Neural is developing novel small molecules that promote remyelination for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Cleveland Diagnostics logo

Cleveland Diagnostics

Cleveland Diagnostics is a biotechnology company with proprietary first-in-class technology and reagents to enable development of high efficacy and affordable tests, focused on early detection and diagnostics of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Cleveland HeartLab logo

Cleveland HeartLab

Cleveland HeartLab developed innovative, scientifically proven, and medically relevant biomarkers used in the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease. (Acquired by Quest Diagnostics, 2017)

Juventas Therapeutics logo

Juventas Therapeutics

Juventas Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of regenerative therapies that activate natural processes to repair the body in order to treat life–threatening diseases.

NeuroTherapia logo


NeuroTherapia is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel therapies that decrease the neuroinflammation associated with diseases such as neuropathic pain and Alzheimer’s disease.

Zenha Therapeutics logo

Zehna Therapeutics

Zehna Therapeutics is developing a novel small molecule targeting the gut microbiome to treat chronic disease.

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