Top Ten Medical Innovations

At Cleveland Clinic, a shared passion for the delivery of superior care and an embedded culture of innovation foster continuous healthcare improvement dialogue amongst our clinicians and researchers. As such, our experts always have their finger on the pulse of new technologies slated to change the face of healthcare.

The Top 10 Medical Innovations program was launched to share their insight with the broader healthcare community, and year after year, our professionals continue to successfully predict device, technology, theme, and therapy advances. With the Top 10, we inform and inspire professionals from all domains to advance practices for the benefit of patients everywhere.

Our Process

For a coveted spot on the Top 10 list, innovations undergo a rigorous selection process. Each year, our team interviews nearly 100 Cleveland Clinic thought leaders to elicit more than 150 nominations, which are compiled and vetted by an established committee.

Our Criteria

To receive consideration, nominated technologies have to meet the following criteria:

  • The innovation must have a significant clinical impact and offer certain patient benefit in comparison to current practices (improved outcomes, lower costs, fulfillment of an unmet need, etc.).
  • The innovation must have a high probability of widespread health ecosystem adoption in the coming year.
  • If applicable, the innovation must be in or exiting clinical trials with published superior results and a high probability of approval/clearance in the coming year.
  • The innovation must have significant human interest in its application or benefits.

The Top 10 Medical Innovations nomination process is launched every spring – entirely internal and open to Cleveland Clinic caregivers only. If you are an external party interested in bringing your technology to the attention of Cleveland Clinic, please contact our team.

Please note: Placement on the Top 10 Medical Innovations list is attributed to the novelty and gravity of an up-and-coming solution. List placement does not indicate the technology or therapy is available to patients at Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic Innovations is not a medical office, and recommends contacting your healthcare provider to discuss the availability and fit of a Top 10 innovation in your treatment plan.

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