Quality and Accreditation

Quality and Accreditation

Quality Care at Weston Hospital

Cleveland Clinic believes in providing quality of care information to patients and the public. As a nonprofit hospital and responsible member of the community, you should know how we’re performing. These Quality Performance Reports show how Weston Hospital has been doing at providing the right care for specific common conditions. Information about surgery and how people view their experiences at Weston Hospital is also included. Click below for data and details:

Weston Hospital’s Quality Report

Cleveland Clinic reports data on outcomes, volumes, and surgical and medical trends, as well as a review of new medical technologies and innovations. This popular series of books is used by consumers and referring physicians to make informed decisions when choosing or recommending a specialist for medical or surgical care.

How were these quality indicators selected?

The Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and National Quality Forum have defined and endorsed certain quality indicators and safe practices to allow hospitals to be compared “apples to apples.” The Quality Report is “open,” meaning anyone can see how the results were obtained.

Does this quality report include data about individual physicians?

No. We’re publishing hospital data only.

Why is Cleveland Clinic publishing its quality data?

  • We like what open reporting does for you. We believe that you should know how we’re performing. We want patients and families to have better information about the quality of healthcare in Cleveland.
  • We also like what open reporting does for us. We’ve found that public reporting has helped us document our care more carefully, continually improve patient care and obtain more valid data.
  • We like what open reporting does for hospital care. We hope that our quality report will contribute to a better understanding of how to assess, report and improve hospital quality.

What does “risk adjusted” mean?

Risk adjustment considers differences in patient and procedure risk factors, so that comparisons are more meaningful. Risk adjustment allows for comparison of actual performance with predicted performance, based on the average U.S. hospital.

The risk of a complication or death varies by patient and by procedure. For example, an older surgical patient who has other illnesses, such as kidney failure and diabetes, is at a greater risk of developing complications than a young, otherwise healthy patient is.

How often will the data on this report be updated?

This report will be updated quarterly, or as new data become available.

Award-Winning Recognition

Cleveland Clinic Florida is recognized by many independent organizations around the world for providing quality patient care and medical training.

Nursing Recognition

Nursing Recognition

Weston Hospital

The nurses at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital are proud to be a participant in the American Nurse Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® and have achieved Magnet Excellence®. This designation validates our commitment to creating a sustained culture of nursing excellence.

Nurses at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital are invested in their commitment to safe quality care and have contributed through shared governance in the achievement of numerous nursing and hospital-wide recognitions.

Who We Are

The Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital was established in 2001 and has ambulatory clinic locations in Parkland, Coral Springs, Wellington, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital is licensed for 206 inpatient beds and is home to more than 900 RNs and APRNs. It is a not-for-profit academic acute care medical center that provides multidisciplinary acute hospital and ambulatory care with a focus on collaboration, research, and education.

The hospital and clinics which are part of the Cleveland Clinic Enterprise, provides care in more than 55 specialties and has over 800,000 patient visits annually. Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital’s location in sunny tropical South Florida, serves as an ideal gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital's nurses take pride in servicing not only their hospital and clinic based patients, but also their local and international communities. The diversity of the nurses at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital are a reflection of the communities they serve and positions them to provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive care to meet all their patient’s diverse and individualized needs.

Professional Practice Model

The Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital nurses use the guiding principle of Patients First and to the highest quality compassionate care through the use of the Zielony Nursing Institute’s Professional Practice Model. The model’s components of quality and safety, relationship-based culture, professional practice and development, and research, evidence based practice and innovation serve as the foundational tenets for nursing care rendered throughout the organization.

Nursing Professional Practice Model

Shared Governance at Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital

Shared Governance gives nurses across all care settings a voice to affect their practice and the care provided for patients. It supports a culture of partnership, equity, accountability, and ownership which enhances nursing satisfaction, retention, patient satisfaction, and quality outcomes.

Nursing Shared Governance