SilverSneakers®, Silver&Fit® and Optum Fitness

Both Cleveland Clinic Martin Health & Fitness Centers are pleased to offer FREE memberships to older, active adults who are eligible for the SilverSneakers® or Silver&Fit® fitness programs. These programs are an insurance benefit designed exclusively for Medicare-eligible adults.

To get started, fill out the membership enrollment packet and bring your SilverSneakers® or Silver&Fit® card into one of our fitness centers.

Our SilverSneakers® and Silver&Fit® classes are designed to increase your physical activity by strengthening muscles and improving range of motion and balance. The results help to reduce health care costs driven by the physical and mental effects of aging and help you feel more energetic. Just ask one of the 2,000 members that attend one of the 77 classes taught by our certified instructors at Martin Health & Fitness Centers each month.

Cleveland Clinic Martin Health & Fitness Centers offer the following SilverSneakers® and Silver&Fit® classes:


Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a SilverSneakers® ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support.


Combine fun with fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing circuit workout. Upper-body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers® ball is alternated with low-impact aerobics. A chair is used for standing support, stretching and relaxation exercises.

Cardio Fit

This advanced group exercise class designed for active adults who desire a safe and effective low-impact cardiovascular workout. Energizing and easy-to-follow movements promote heart-healthy, total-body conditioning to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance. In addition, a variety of strength training options are offered to provide a well-rounded workout.


In yoga class, you will move your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of seated and standing postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Zumba Gold

A modified Zumba class for active older adults that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.

Better Balance Fall Prevention

Our fitness specialists assist members with focusing on ways to strengthen muscles that improve balance and coordination, as well as providing education on fall prevention techniques. Our goal with this program is to help people safeguard themselves against unexpected falls.