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Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital

Teaching Conferences & Opportunities

Morning Didactic and Morning Report

Daily morning lectures are presented by our Staff during the weekdays. These lectures are aimed to complement resident education as well as cover high yield topics for Pediatric Boards. They are followed by morning report which is a daily case presentation led by a senior resident from the wards. Morning report is a fun and informal presentation that reviews key history taking and physical exam skills, brainstorming the differential diagnosis and reviewing the work-up and management of the case discussed. It is attended by staff from multiple specialties.

Board Review

On Friday mornings, residents participate in a 30 minute pediatric board review session designed to create familiarity with the timed, multiple choice test conditions of the Pediatric Boards. Resident performance is tracked throughout training to provide them with individual insight to the knowledge gained and progress made throughout residency training.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds

Staff attendings and guest lecturers are invited to present an hour-long update on recent advances in pediatrics. The Morbidity & Mortality Conference is held once a month during the Grand Rounds forum. Grand Rounds is a weekly series that runs from September through May.

Morbidity & Mortality Conference

Mortality Review Committee discusses cases once a month in Grand Rounds as described above. These conferences provide awareness and allow for collaboration for continual improvement in patient care.

Intern Lecture Series

The first two months of the academic year devote time each week during our Friday Core Educational Conference to topics that will prepare interns for their new role as a pediatric resident. Topics include reviews on fluids and electrolyte management, antimicrobials, asthma, etc.

Friday Educational Core Conference

Pediatric Residents have two hours of protected lecture time each Friday afternoon for our Core Education lecture series. Lectures are presented by our staff to cover subspecialty and general pediatric board preparatory topics. Lunch is provided for all noon conferences.

Pediatric Nighttime Curriculum

The residency program is fully committed to comply 100% with the ACGME work hours. We also recognize the importance of providing learning opportunities for those residents working on night shifts. The program has organized a pediatric nighttime curriculum that combines a national, award winning curriculum with case based presentations.

Radiology Rounds

The ward team rounds with our pediatric radiologists daily to discuss films from the prior day. This is an excellent opportunity to identify key radiologic findings and determine if further imaging is necessary.

Evidence-based Medicine Curriculum

Each year, residents participate in an evidence-based medicine experience to foster basic EBM skills. The PGY-1 experience is a one-on-one tutorial with EBM faculty that includes formulating a clinical question, applying basic literature search principles, and learning about different types of studies. In the PGY-2 year, each resident dissects a study relevant to everyday clinical practice and presents the study to the group with emphasis on basic EBM concepts such as odds ratio and number needed to treat. Finally, the PGY-3 experience includes a full review of the literature on a topic of the resident's choice, meant to simulate the real-world experience of using literature to aid in clinical decision-making. The PGY-2 and PGY-3 activities are supported by EBM faculty, statisticians, and librarians.

Annual Pediatric Scholarship Day

All residents will share a presentation of a scholarly project in this annual event in May. This may include a basic science or clinical research study, a quality improvement initiative, or a community-based advocacy project.

Medical Students/Acting Interns

Our residents fulfill an important role in the teaching and supervision of ward medical students. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Case Western Reserve University have formed a collaborative medical education and research program. Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of CWRU (CCLCM) enrolled its first entering class in 2004 and is preparing physicians and scientists dedicated to advancing biomedical research and practice. The college admits students from a national and international pool of applicants. Our Pediatric Residency Programs collaborates with CCLCM Pediatric Interest Group.

In addition, medical students from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine participate in Cleveland Clinic Children's ward service. They also rotate through the general pediatric outpatient area as well as in the subspecialty clinics.

Fourth year students from a variety of medical schools also serve as acting interns on the ward service.

Annual Pediatric Board Review Symposium

Board Review

One of the educational programs that we are most proud of at Cleveland Clinic Children's is the national Annual Pediatric Board Review Symposium, which is held in the last week of August. The primary objective of the symposium is to provide a comprehensive pediatric board review course, which will prepare pediatric residents and practitioners for board certification or re-certification.

This program features pediatric faculty from our Cleveland Clinic Children's and select visiting faculty. Unique features of the symposium include the use of an audience response system, which allows the attendee to gauge their knowledge base and become familiar with board-type questions while attending the symposium. This format also allows the lecturer to introduce topics in a question and answer format and to stress board examination-relevant information. In addition, there are specialty-specific board simulation sessions, during which board relevant questions/answers and rationales will be discussed.

The audience is usually comprised of approximately 300 attendees from all areas of the country. Pediatric residents graduating from our residency program are offered a complimentary invitation to attend the symposium.

Based on the success of this symposium, we developed a textbook, The Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Pediatrics, published by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. This textbook is the first comprehensive textbook to specifically focus on pediatric board review certification and re-certification.