Developmental-behavioral pediatricians evaluate and provide treatment and referrals for children with a wide range of developmental and behavioral concerns.

Developmental-behavioral pediatricians are medical doctors who have completed a residency in pediatrics and have additional subspecialty training in developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

During a visit to a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, the physician will interview you about your child’s development, behaviors, abilities and any learning or social concerns. The physician will review records of previous evaluations, school or Help Me Grow records, and complete a physical examination. The physician will complete developmental or educational testing as needed or provide referrals for more comprehensive testing if appropriate. The physician may request additional information from other sources such as school or daycare. The physician will then determine a diagnosis and make recommendations regarding treatment.

A variety of clinical services are offered to meet the needs of families, including:

Outpatient Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic

The outpatient developmental & behavioral pediatric clinic provides initial consultation for a variety of developmental and behavioral concerns for children up to 12 years of age. Ongoing medical management is provided as needed, including medication management for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders, as well as behavior disorders in children with a variety of developmental disabilities.

Pediatric Feeding Team

The Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program offers a multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment for children with a wide variety of feeding difficulties. Children who are eating an extremely small number of foods, who experience severe behavioral food refusal, or who have not benefited from previous therapeutic intervention are good candidates for the Pediatric Feeding Team. This program is not appropriate for children or adolescents with other eating disorders, such as pica, anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

Many of these children also have additional developmental disabilities and /or complex medical conditions which may be contributing to their feeding difficulties. The evaluation includes assessment by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, psychologist, dietitian, and occupational therapist. Children seen in this clinic may experience food refusal, difficulty advancing food texture, inability to chew and/or swallow age appropriate foods, difficulty eating enough to gain weight and grow. At the initial evaluation, the team completes a feeding and developmental history, medical history and exam, and observation of a meal. Team members then determine what factors may be contributing to the feeding problems and how best to intervene. The Feeding Team then offers ongoing multidisciplinary therapy during which patients and their caregivers remain under the care of a psychologist, occupational therapist and dietitian as needed throughout the course of their treatment.

Families interested in a Feeding Team assessment should call 216.448.6024 for more information.

Fragile X Clinic

The Fragile X Program at the Cleveland Clinic is one of only 26 fragile X clinics in the United States.

We are a member of the Fragile X Clinic and Research Consortium, an alliance of fragile X clinics in the United States supported by the National Fragile X Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), dedicated to advancing understanding and treatment of individuals with fragile X associated disorders.

The Fragile X Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic provides state of the art multidisciplinary team evaluations for children and adults with fragile X syndrome, as well as providing medical management for children and adolescents with fragile X syndrome.

The multidisciplinary team evaluations include a comprehensive medical history and physical evaluation by the medical director of the program, social work assessment by the fragile X program coordinator, Cindy Antczak, LISW; and a speech/language evaluation by Beth Crumbaker, MEd, CCC-SLP. Additionally, Dr. Ilia Itin with the Center for Neurological Restoration at the Cleveland Clinic evaluates and treats adults with fragile X tremor ataxia syndrome.

Appointments with Dr. Itin can be scheduled by calling 216.444.2210. Appointments with the Fragile X Clinic can be scheduled by calling Cindy Antczak at 216.448.6119.

What We Treat

What We Treat

The Developmental-behavioral pediatrics team provides evaluations and treatment for a number of developmental and behavioral concerns, including:





To schedule an appointment with a developmental-behavioral pediatrics team, please call:

  • 216.448.6110 for the Developmental & Behavioral Pediatric Team
  • 216.448.6024 for the Behavioral Feeding Team