Louise Stark

“I'm just in love with Cleveland Clinic Canada. The programs and services are patient-centered – everything we need is in one convenient location.”

Louise Starks

Dissatisfied with their local healthcare options, Louise Stark and her husband decided to explore the wellness options at Cleveland Clinic Canada. The couple’s main priority was finding comprehensive healthcare in a compassionate and caring environment—and more so, because of Louise’s family history with cancer. They also knew it was important to be proactive with their health through baseline screenings so they could maintain their independence as they grew older.

The Starks decided to make an impromptu visit to downtown Toronto’s Cleveland Clinic Canada. Once inside, they receive a warm welcome followed by a tour of the facility to hear first-hand how the programs and services would benefit their health today and for many years to come. The couple was so impressed with the state-of-the-art technology and attentive service, that they made Cleveland Clinic Canada their choice for healthcare.

The early decision to make Cleveland Clinic Canada their first choice in wellness paid off when Louise endured hip replacement surgery and utilized the Sports Health Program for her post-surgical care.  Together, Louise and the Cleveland Clinic Canada team of physicians and exercise physiologists were able to get her back to the active life she loves.  Within a few short months,  Louise was back at the gym and wearing her favourite high-heels!