The Pulmonary Medicine department offers Research Fellowship positions that start on January and July of every year. Positions are usually from 6 months to a year. There is coverage for educational materials, presentations, conferences and publications, however at the moment there is no monetary stipend.


  • Education in clinical research methodology
  • Involvement in clinical research projects and publications
  • Participate in the screening process of patients candidates for enrollment in multi-institutional clinical trials
  • Participate in the Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic, Inpatient Consults and Critical Care rounds in the ICU
  • Assistance with the IM residency application process, letters of recommendation (LORs), counseling and interview rehearsal sessions
  • Attend nationwide conferences and presentations of the Research work
  • Attend Internal Medicine Board Review lectures, teaching rounds, noon conferences, grand rounds and journal club

As a Medicine research Fellow at Cleveland Clinic Florida you will have a diversity of research possibilities within different areas of our department.

Your supervisor and you will decide on the projects that you will take on during your tenure.

Research in pulmonary medicine involves a variety of opportunities including but not limited to coordinate and participate in a variety of complex activities involved in the collection, compilation, documentation and analysis of clinical outcomes, comparison between different device/procedures, and contribution in multi-institutional trials. It may include designing and presenting teaching videos and PowerPoint presentations for meetings, websites and other academic ventures.

Patient Contact-In order to fully comprehend the executed research is of paramount importance to have a thorough clinical and technical understanding of protocols and procedures under investigation. Opportunities that are offered and part of the medicine research program include observation and participation in the procedure room or intensive care unit and patient visitations. Procedure room participation is limited to observation. Patient contact may be made for research purposes with adequate consent.

Opportunities in the outpatient clinic include observation and participation in the outpatient clinic. Observation while either staff physicians and/or clinical residents are interviewing, examining or determining the assessment plan is available. Furthermore, under the supervision of a staff physician interviewing and examining patients will allow a better understanding of goals of research.

Opportunities in hospital comprise observation in intensive care unit, and patients in whom consultation has been requested. Observation while either she staff physician and/or the clinical residents are interviewing, examining or determining the assessment and plan are available. the hospital contact will allow for a significant understanding of pulmonary patients necessary for completing pulmonary research.

Our recent graduate fellows have been successful in finding positions all around. One fellow is now in the internal medicine program at the Clinic, another has become a research coordinator in the industry, and another has found a position in a hospital in Florida.

You will get a Florida Limited License under Cleveland Clinic Florida (at our cost). 

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for the Research Fellowship in Medicine please contact our coordinator:

Lorna Lewis
Phone: 954.659.6418

Please include your Curriculum Vitae (CV) if you are responding via email or fax it to 954.659.5451.
Attn: Research Fellowship in Medicine.