Mission Statement

Mission Statement


The CME department derives its mission from Cleveland Clinic's founding mission “to provide better care of the sick, investigation of their problems, and further education of those who serve.” The CME department’s goal is to advance medical knowledge through continuing education that will improve the competencies of physicians and affiliated health care providers through various formats based on high quality continuing education programs addressing in particular, professional practice gaps. These programs at the same time will address the need to improve knowledge and skills to promote better patient outcomes.

Target audience

The Department’s major responsibility is to keep physicians and affiliated health care providers apprised of innovative, evidence-based information. Our geographic target includes three levels: Florida, the U.S., and a significant international audience.


The emphasis of our CME activities is on evidence-based information on selected diseases assessed by the learner’s need to improve practice and promote competencies that lead to improvements in patient care.

Types of activities

CME activities include didactic lectures, live surgery presentations, hands-on workshops and audience participation. Interactivity between faculty and participants is emphasized in question answer formats and utilizing an audience response system.

Expected results

All activities are designed to maintain, develop, or increase knowledge, competence or professional performance within the physicians’ scope of practice, with the intended result of improving patient care and reducing disease impact.



Cleveland Clinic in Florida is dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge through continuing medical education for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our medical education conferences provide a wide range of offerings by specialty.

We invite you to attend one of our world class CME programs.

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For any other questions, please reach out to us by email at cme@ccf.org or call 954.659.5490.