The Voluntary Visiting Research program is available to national and international physicians who have an interest in developing and expanding research in the evaluation and management of solid tumor and hematologic malignancies. These non-funded positions are available for periods of 6 months to 5 years. A faculty mentor from the Department of Hematology/Oncology will be assigned as a mentor to each fellow, according to the fellow's research area(s) of interest.

Goals and Objectives

  • The visiting researcher will periodically and regularly meet his/or her mentor for advice, suggestions and guidance in research throughout the research period.
  • Prior to initiating any clinical research, the fellow must complete the Collaborative IRB training Initiative (CITI) which contains information about regulations governing human research, ethical principles, processes, procedures, informed consent, and the like, This educational program can be accessed online at which enables the fellow to receive a password and instructions
  • The visiting researchers are expected to formulate at least one research project each year. The proposal should be written and presented at the Department Research Forum, which is held twice per month. Attendance at every meeting is mandatory for all Visiting Researcher and Clinical Fellows. The purpose of discussing research projects at these meetings is to provide interactive critiques, ideas and guidance from peer. All new projects must be submitted to the Research Forum for Discussion in the Research Forum must be typed in an appropriate format and submitted to the Academic Supervisor for inclusion in the next research Forum.
  • Research abstracts must be prepared by the Visiting Researcher. They will be submitted to national and international meetings, after review and approval by the Department of Hematology Oncology staff and the Chairman. If accepted, the fellow is expected to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for practice talk sessions, as assigned by the academic supervision.
  • Prior to any major national or international meeting at which residents from the department will be presenting, practice talk sessions are scheduled for critique. These sessions require mandatory attendance as they are used to assist residents in preparation and practice of their talks. These sessions are scheduled as necessary and scheduled are provided at these times.
  • For all abstracts created and submitted, regardless of acceptance to meetings, the research fellow is expected to write a manuscript. The manuscript will be reviewed by the respective staff involved in the research, the department chairman and the academic supervisor, and will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals

Description of Program

(may include research projects, conferences and meetings)

  • All visiting researchers will have also the opportunity to learn how to perform hematology oncology research in multicentered cooperative group studies, in pharmaceutical studies, and in community cooperative group studies with the oncology research coordinator.
  • The Visiting researcher should maintain knowledge and understanding within the field by participating in the academic program of the research program. The Department of Hematology Oncology holds several conferences such as tumor boards weekly, heme path conference monthly, breast tumor conference weekly, research forum and oncology grand rounds. All conferences, seminars and meetings are listed in the monthly department calendar, which is maintained and distributed by the clinical Residency Coordinator. Attendance and sign-in are mandatory for all Visiting Researches and Clinical fellows.
  • Visiting Researchers may participate in clinical activities if they are involved in potential and/or established research studies, by participating in the outpatient and inpatient setting. The fellow is encouraged to rotate with different staff members to broaden exposure and enhance their research experience.
  • All Visiting researchers will be evaluated based on overall performance, punctuality, conference participation, research productivity and quality and interpersonal relationships with the other fellows and members of the department. Evaluations will be performed by the respective mentor and department chair on a periodic basis at the end of the fellowship.

Prerequisites Educational level or Credentials

  • Recent medical graduates, residents, physicians and scientist interested in conducting basic science and clinical research in the fields of hematology/oncology.
  • Licensure/USMLE required (if Applicable).

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