Why support Cleveland Clinic Indian River?

Your gift goes far at Cleveland Clinic Indian River because we are:

  • Nationally recognized: Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital is recognized in the region for its expertise and care. Your generosity helps us maintain this exceptional standard of care.
  • Community-focused: We identify and address the greatest healthcare concerns in our communities. Cleveland Clinic Indian River makes vital services accessible to residents throughout the Treasure Coast, regardless of race, income or background.
  • Healthcare innovators: With the help of philanthropic partners like you, we can continue funding the Florida Research and Innovation Center. This leading-edge facility is investigating breakthroughs in COVID-19, infectious and autoimmune diseases, cancer and much more.

Your gift leaves a lasting legacy

Our philanthropic priorities will change lives for generations to come:

  • Behavioral Health Center: We will make much-needed enhancements to the only inpatient behavioral health facility in the Cleveland Clinic Florida region. We plan to create safer rooms for patients, expand the size of our inpatient units to reduce overcrowding and develop new outpatient services.
  • Cancer Institute: With the leadership of a nationally recognized breast cancer surgeon, we plan to recruit new breast cancer specialists, secure advanced diagnostic and treatment technology and propel our long-term plans for expanded cancer services.

    Targeted cancer treatment during surgery performed by a Cleveland Clinic surgeon.
  • Emergency Department: As the main access to healthcare for people living below the poverty line, our ED needs expansion to reduce overcrowding. We will build a dedicated radiology lab to speed test results and make other improvements to streamline care.
  • Graduate Medical Education Program: We will teach, recruit and retain the next generation of physicians and surgeons. With more talented caregivers at our hospital, we can better serve the needs of the Vero Beach community.
  • Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute: Your gift supports the expansion of Cleveland Clinic’s nationally recognized program right here in Florida. Our efforts will focus on physician recruitment and enhanced technology, such as robotic surgery, to improve patients’ experiences and outcomes.

    Cleveland Clinic doctors using cardiovascular technology during a surgery.
  • Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute: In collaboration with Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the nation’s top program for heart care, we will bring the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular technology to the Treasure Coast.
  • Neurological Institute: Your support will allow us to adopt next-generation diagnostic and preoperative equipment for the care of Parkinson’s disease, strokes, brain tumors, epilepsy and other neurological conditions.


Special events are an important part of our fundraising efforts. They are opportunities to support critical healthcare initiatives at our local hospitals. Individual and corporate sponsorships are a great way to get involved and fund vital services and programs within our communities.

May Pops

Our annual signature event, May Pops, is presented by Marlynn and Bill Scully, in honor of the Post family. The event is held the first Sunday in May at the polo grounds at Windsor and features a special performance by the Brevard Symphony Orchestra. Funds raised through May Pops help to advance technologies, enhance facilities and elevate patient care in a variety of areas, including oncology, stroke, cardiac, emergency services, and more. We thank all who have attended and hope to see you again.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

As stewards of the community's investment in Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital, the foundation staff and board of directors work collectively. We nurture relationships with individuals and organizations that support our mission to provide the highest quality care to our patients. Ensuring that local facilities keep pace with technology as well as the evolving needs of the communities we serve, is our highest priority.


Anthony C. Woodruff, Chairman
Brian M. Barefoot, Vice Chairman
J. Christopher Clifford, Vice Chairman
Judith C. LaFage, Vice Chairman
Douglas T. Tansill, Vice Chairman
Pamela J. Sheiffer, Secretary
Robert W. Bauchman, Assistant Secretary
Robert L. Zielsdorf, Treasurer
Herbert Gullquist, Assistant Treasurer
William H. Munn, Assistant Treasurer
C. B. (Jack) Rogers, Jr., Chairman Emeritus
John W. Alden
Patricia A. Allex
Christopher T. Barrow
William D. Biersach
Elizabeth Wurzer Blanchard
John A. Blanchard
Kathryn W. Brown
Sharon “Sherry” Brown
Mary Kay Crain
Eugene P. Feinour
John B. Kemp III
Richard Milsten, MD
Kathleen C. O’Brien
Mary Potter
N. Jack Rohrbach
Matthew Rundels
Ruth C. Scheer
Roger Scoville
Emily Sherwood
Harvey J. Struthers, Jr

Honorary Board

Janet C. Baines
Fred M. Blaicher, Jr
David C. Brown
James J. Daly
Joan H. DeCrane
Bernadette Emerick
Carter W. Hopkins
Allen N. Jones
Richard G. McDermott, Jr
Anna P. Nichols
Helen Y. Post
D. Barry Reardon
Randolph K. Rolf
Warren L. Schwerin
William P. Scully
W. King Stubbs
Lorne R. Waxlax
Richard Weil, MD
Patrick J. Welsh

Advisory Council

Gloria S. Anderson
Kimberle S. Beckett
Andrew H. Forrester
Ted Herget
Stuart Hirstein
France M. Kenyon
Ellen L. Kowalyk
Barbara Lowry
Nancy P. Lynch
Barbara B. Lyons
Ann Marie McCrystal
Heidi F. Rose
C. R. (Dick) Shoemate
Diana Stark
Anne C. Storch
Theodor v.B. von Zielinski, MD