Board Members

  • Mr. Michael J. Hammes
  • Dr. David Peter, MD, MBA
    Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Conor Delaney, MD
    Chief Executive Officer -Florida
  • Mr. David W. Rowan, Esq
    Chief Legal Officer, CCF Ohio
  • Dr. Joseph Iannotti, MD
    Market Chief of Research and Academic Officer, Florida Region
  • Dr. Juliette Lomax-Homier, MD
    Clinical Professor & Dean, Florida State University College of Medicine
  • Ms. Marybeth Cunningham
    Chairwomen IR Hospital District
  • Mr. Matthew Reiser
    Community Representative
  • Dr. Lori Posk, MD
    Medical Staff CCIRH Representative
  • Dr. F. Scott Ross, MD
    Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CCF-Weston
  • Mr. Anthony C. Woodruff
    Chairman, CCIRH Foundation
  • Mr. William Peacock
    Chief of Operations, CCF-Ohio
  • Dr. John Lindenthal, MD
    President, CCIRH Medical Staff
  • Mr. Oliver Henkel, Esq
    Community Representative
  • Ms. Barbara Del Castillo, Esq
    General Counsel, CCF-Florida Region
  • Dr. Charmaine Rochester
    Financial Officer, CCF-Florida Region
  • Mr. Jason Oblander, Esq
    Counsel, Law Dept., CCF-Ohio
  • Mr. William MacDonald, III
    Community Representative