Comprehensive Cancer Care

Our Time is Now

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death despite the enormous investments made in battling the disease. This year, more than a million Americans will be told they have cancer. Last year alone, there were more than 20,000 cases of cancer in South Florida. The number of newly diagnosed cancer cases in Florida continues to rise, along with the need for quality, comprehensive cancer care. Cleveland Clinic Florida has been at the forefront in the battle against cancer for decades, and is uniquely poised to make a significant impact on South Florida’s cancer care.

Cleveland Clinic Florida is embarking on an unprecedented campaign to expand and enhance our facilities and programs to provide comprehensive services in a single location at our Weston campus. With the building of a new leading-edge Cancer Center we are now able to powerfully impact cancer care provided in our community.

Patient Care

In the war against cancer, Cleveland Clinic Florida is dedicated to bringing patients the best cancer care available. This approach has not only helped patients fight the disease, but has also provided comfort and strength along their journey.

Cleveland Clinic Florida is positioned to transform cancer care in South Florida by building on our strengths: quality, innovation, teamwork, and our “Patients First” approach. Our goal is to provide a patient-centric innovative Cancer Center with a complete range of diagnostic, treatment, education and support services.

High-quality, sophisticated cancer care requires a team that includes oncologists, surgeons from across various disciplines, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, and many others who focus all of their time and expertise on the best outcomes for our patients.

The result is a collaborative approach to care aimed at providing patients with the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic tools and techniques for achieving long-term survival and improved quality of life. The dedicated staff of caregivers that make up the Cleveland Clinic provide outstanding subspecialty cancer care and the new Cancer Center will allow them to use their collective talents to further advance cancer care.

The Maroone Cancer Center was designed to allow patients to make the most of their experience and offers the following:

  • A patient resource and education center provides patients access to written and electronic resource materials and include areas to meet with fellow survivors and medical specialists. The Center serves as a vital resource for community efforts in prevention, early detection, education, outreach and support.
  • Leading edge Chemotherapy Infusion Suite designed to include the family in a healing environment. Infusion treatments are delivered by chemotherapy-certified registered nurses who can educate and support patients and their care partner and are present throughout the entire procedure. The infusion suite isequipped with a television and supplied with snacks. Friends and family are welcome to stay in the suite during treatment to aid the healing process.
  • An information platform that is rich in data, patient friendly and allows for the application of medical advances to the appropriate patient.
  • Complementary medicine is incorporated by addressing the “whole person” through a holistic approach to treatment. Complementary medicine includes massotherapy, reiki, nutrition education, art therapy, and a wig boutique.
  • The new Cancer Center has palliative care to make our patients’ lives, and the lives of those who care for them less stressful. Palliative care focuses on relieving pain and other troubling symptoms and meeting their emotional, spiritual, and practical needs.
  • Leading edge diagnostic and radiation treatment providing advanced and stereotactic radiotherapy using new technology with sub millimeter accuracy and real time tumor tracking that isone of the first in the world. Other radiation advances include Image Guided Radiotherapy, dedicated CT simulator, 4 Dimension treatment planning and High Dose Rate Radiotherapy.
  • Genetic counseling isavailable to emphasize the importance of genomics in the cancer risk assessment and genetic testing process. Progress in genomics focuses on unleashing the potential to target the right tumors with the right therapies.
  • A range of support programs are available to help patients navigate the changes and challenges associated with cancer. They are guided by oncology social workers and nurses who are specialists in providing reliable information in an atmosphere of hope and encouragement.

Cancer Research

The advancements in cancer care depend upon transformative research and clinical trials which are the link between science and safe, effective patient care. Through the expansion of our program and staff, the Cancer Research team will be focused on providing patients with innovative treatments which include new targeted agents and therapies. Cancer specialists from the Departments of Hematology and Oncology serve as principal investigators for the trials, working closely with colleagues at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute. The expansion will also allow the department to take full advantage of telemedicine capabilities to facilitate national and international collaboration.

Physician Recruitment and Medical Education

The Maroone Cancer Center gives us the ability to recruit physicians and scientists who excel in the most demanding fields of medicine, and who are pioneers in research, innovators in education and experts at treating complicated cases. It will enhance coordinated care among world-class physicians, including educational collaboration with international health providers and planned post-graduate fellowships. We are committed to offering an environment of creativity and discovery where our best and brightest young physicians specializing in oncology can develop their skills, explore their interests, and benefit from the mentorship of world-class practitioners.