2017 President’s Circle Members

Linda and Allan Adelson
Cynthia Lewis Adler
Syed E. Ahmed, MD
Janet and Erik Akins
Pamela Alexander
Cheryl and Omar Almallah, MD
Pamela and Steven Altman
Bess Ames
Patricia and Thomas Anathan
Theresia and Bazil Anderson
Diane and John Andrica III
Sharron and John Apo
Joseph Applebaum
David J. Marquard
Martha and Mel* Aronson
Jane and Gabriel Auerbach
AutoNation, Inc.
Shirley and Benjamin Bader
Aziza and Galal Badr
John Baker
Margaret Baker
Susan and John Barker
The Barney Family Foundation
Mary Lee and Richard Bastin
Nancy and Eugene Beard
Gerard Belilty
Linda and Neil Bennett, MD
Paul Berkowitz
Susan and Joseph Berland
Patricia and Robert Bernalewski
Rhonda and Robert Bernstein
Richard Bernstein
Anthony and Vanessa Beyer
Mickey and Larry Beyer
Camelia and Moti Bhojwani
Claes Bjork
Arlene and Harvey Blau
Blue Wave Communications, Inc
Robert Boettner
Bessie Bonner
Peter Bonutti, MD
Boston Private
Nancy and Robert Bostwick
Elizabeth Roberts Boyle
Pauline Braathen
Sharon and Harry Brandt
Theresa and Luther Brewster
Joanne and Henry Breyer III
Jack Brier
Robert Brinegar
Sandra and The Honorable William E. Brock
John J. Brunetti, Sr.
Linda Burns
Paula and Robert Butler
Fred Buxbaum
Janet and John Cafaro
Kara Cameron
Caron Renaissance
Beverly Casinelli
Central Cycling
Linda Cerce
Tara Chase
Pamela and Stanley Ciejek
Tracey Clarke
Laura and Donald Cohen
Patricia and Angelo Colasanti
Terri and Marty Cole
Trisha and Jeffrey Cole
Louise Collins and Herbert Mallard
Community Foundation of Broward
Concord Healthcare Development
James Conklin
John Connor
Julie and Michael Connors
Ligia Corredor
Lori and Harold Corrigan
Caryn and Sam Covelli
Alan and Christine Curtis
Susin and Greg Danilow
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Hollis Davis
Lawrence De George
Marilyn and Armand Dellovade
Frances and David Dickenson II
Paul Dimare
Richard Divvers
Pamela and Peter Dupuis
Duty Free
Mary and Robert Dwors
Leslie and John East
Cynthia and Frederick Eaton
Navindra Ellana
Tracy Ellyn
Emily Elsey
Ernst & Young
Elaine Estern
Leigh and Bruce Failing
Robert Falcone
Lucille and David Fannin
Phyllis Feinberg
Federico Fernandez
Teresa and Angel Fernandez
Fred Fernich
Fields-Galley Private Foundation
Richard Finkelstein
Betty Fisher
Susan and Robert Fisher
Foundation for Surgical Fellowships
Connie Frankino
Richard Freedman
Jesse Gaddis
Arlene and Douglas Gallagher
Robin Ganzert, MD
Judy and Jose Gasteazoro
Gebauer Company
Nancy Jayne Gelbman
Melvin and Estelle Gelman Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Russell Geyer
Mary and Tom Gilbane
Trudy Robinson Gisbert and Juan Gisbert
The Gitner Charitable Family Foundation
Martha and Richard Glasser
Elsa and Berek Glucksberg
Stefanie Glusac
Goerlich Family Foundation, Inc.
Frank L. & Helen Gofrank Foundation
Andrea and Joseph Goldberg, MD
Goldman, Sachs & Company
Elliott Goldstein
Hanna and Eugene Golub
Mark Goodfriend
Christine and Dean Goodman
Robert Govaerts
Charles Gradante
Ken Graham
Nancie and Paul Green
Greenberg Traurig
Richard Greenman, MD
Angelica Guckes and Eduardo Fernandez, MD, PhD
Guden Family Foundation
Barry Haberman
Marc Haberman
Betty Hamilton
Thomas Harrington
Edythe Harrison
Carole and Robert B. Hartless II
Ellyn Heller
Jeffrey Heller
Charles Helzberg
Barbara and Robert Henninger
George and Edythe Heyman
Suzanne Hickey
Patsy and Mike Hill
Leila and Russell Hirshfield
Luann and William Hoffman
Evelyn and Seymour Holtzman
Jerald Horowitz
Roberta and Gerald Horwitz
House of LaRose Inc.
Karen and David Humble
Integra Enterprises Corporation
Herme de Wyman Miro
International Urogynecological Association
Mike and Pepper Jackson
James Bartle and Sandy James Catering
Robert Jennings
Nancy and Timothy Johnson
Grace and John Joyce
Martin Kalb
Joseph Kasputys
Stanley Kaufelt Fund
Beth and Michael Kaufman
Veronica Kaufman
Marilyn and John Keane
Ann and Robert Kennedy
Elizabeth and Douglas Kinney
Sam W. Klein Charitable Foundation
Juliette and Bernard Klepach
Fay and Richard Kline
KLS Martin LP
Giuliana and John Koch
Dorothy and Sidney Kohl
Donna Maria and Daniel Kohler
Kristy and Lawrence Kopittke
Amy and David Krohn
Margaret Krupa
Elayne and Robert Kwait
Laura Lancaster
Colleen and John Lance
Lawrence Landry
Beverly Laners
Beth and Sean Lang
Lang Family Foundation
Joanne Laputka
Iris and Junming Le, PhD
Edgar Lee
Patricia and Howard* Lester
Miriam Levinson
Levitetz Family Foundation
Ellen and Irwin Levy
Daniel Lewis
Suprienne Lloyd
Beverly and Jon Lobdell
Estate of Esther Loveman
The Catherine L. and Edward A. Lozick Foundation
Diana and Allan Lyons
Richard Macchia, MD
Susan and William MacDonald
Kathryn Macinnis
Wanda and Stanley Macklin
Lois and John MacLeod
Sheila Mains
Lorraine and Donald Malasky
Jan and Chip Malley
Jeannette and Kevin Malone
Donna and John Mandt
Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
Mary and Philip Markovitz
Marmot Donor Advised Fund
Al and Kit* Maroone
Monica and Michael Maroone
Sandra Mather
William Matthews
Devorah Max-Koster, MD and William Koster
Vivian Maza
Terrie and Lucius B. McKelvey
Donna and Thomas McLarty
Amy McLean
The E & D McLean Family Rev Trust
Sandra Pickut and Lee McMannis
Diana and Emmett McTigue
Debbie and Pete Menten
K. Alexis Mersentes
Sydell Miller
The David Minkin Foundation
Mittleman Eye Center
Marlene and John Moffat
Andromeda Monroe
Virginia and Alfred Morgan
Rita Morrell
Jean Moseley
Donald Mothner
Ramola Motwani
Una and William Murphy
NewBevCo, Inc.
Pauline and William Nutting
David Nyman
Dorothy and James Omalley
Sharon and Alton O’Neil
Ralph Osborn
Grace and Harry Padula
Janice and Richard Pagliari
Anka Palitz
The Park Foundation
Madeleine Parker
Sheila and Elric Parker
Jennie Perelman Foundation, Inc.
Perfumania Holdings, Inc.
Lisa Lutoff Perlo
Jim and Diane Perrella
Faith and Peter Persicaner
Perspectus Architecture
Susan Peterson
Lenora and Anthony Petrarca
PG Valuation Group
Sally and Richard Phelps
John J. Pohanka Family Foundation
Jose Poleo
Larry and Julia Pollock
Frank Polzler
Michael Polzler
Albert Pope
Lois Pope
Andrea and Marc Port
Jill and David Prehn
Prestige Mills, Inc.
Marie and Gaetano Protano
Frank P. Pulcini
Sheryl and John Purcell
Frances and George Purnell
Joseph Pustizzi
Racing for Cancer
Carol and Harvey Raff
Kenneth Ransby
Diana and Ralph Rau
Maureen Redmond
Alita and Nathaniel Reed
The Relgalf Charitable Foundation
Susan and Harry Rein
Melinda and Bob Rich
Rifkin Family Foundation
R.A. Ritter Foundation
Wendy and Gary Roberts
Claude Robinson
Nancy and William Rollnick
The Rope Foundation
Helen and Ronald Ross, MD
Ronald Rosen
Helen and Walter Ross
Ina Rousso
Sandra and Marvin Rubin
Lucille and Walter Rubin
Michael Ruch
Carole Ruhlman
Geraldine and Charles Ruibal
Graham Russell
Joseph Russo
Col. Robert Rust
The Ryan Family Foundation
Irwin Saltiel
Aleyda and Luigi Salvaneschi
Diann and Victor Scaravilli
Linda and William Schecter
Jay Scherr
Marc Scherr
Scott Scherr
Roger Schlie
Cynthia and Robert Schneider
Steven B. Schonfeld Foundation
Shallcross Foundation
Pamela and Arnold Sheiffer
Sheltering Palms Foundation, Inc.
Samuel Sherer
Sidney, Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation
Muriel F. Siebert
Lois Silverman
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Carolyn and Richard Sloane
Isobel and Marvin Slomowitz
Ellan Cates-Smith and Sandford Smith
Small Presten Family Fund
Lucille and Danny Smith
Snyder Family Foundation Trust
Phyllis Spring, MD
Daniel Staub
The Marc A. & Rhonda L. Stefanski Foundation
Jason Stein
Mila and William Stenson
Nancy and Earl Stewart
Christine and Robert Stiller
William Strawbridge
Sonjia and Robert Strong
D’Arcy Stuart
K.K. and Joseph Sullivan
Lois and Daniel Sussen
Sol Taplin Charitable Foundation
Margery and Howard Ternes
Terra Weston Residential
Third Federal Foundation
Lila and Robert Tickman
Suzanne and Robert Tomsich
TooCap Foundation
William Torrey
Marilyn and Emmet Tracy, Jr.
Nassrine and Norman Traverse, MD
Susan Turben MD and John Turben
Turner Construction Company
Tina and Walter Uihlein
Ultimate Software Group Inc
Arlene and James Underwood
United Way of Broward County, Inc.
Barend Van Gerbig
Barrie O. Vanderpoel Family Charitable Trust
Kathryn and Leo Vecellio
Anil Vedula
Eberto Vitier and Larry Gainor
Luciana and Joseph Vittoria
Mary Frances Walde, MD and Bill Walde
Morton Simkins
Simona Wallace
The Eric S. Wasser Family Foundation
The Watkins Family Foundation
Lowry Watkins
Elaine Weber
Pauline M. Weinacht Philanthropic Fund
Judy and Morry Weiss
Terri and Ron Weinberg
John F. Welch Jr. Foundation
Gloria Wells
Lois and Richard Werner
Helen B. and Charles M. White Charitable Fund
Barbara and William Whitman
Donna and Dennis Whitney
Cynthia and Ronald Williams
The Williff Foundation
The Willits Foundation
Isidore and Patricia Wollowick Family Foundation
Rubin and Gladys Wollowick Family Foundation
Wolters Kluwer Health
John Yaissle
Beverly White Yeager
Cheryl and Jeff Zavik
Marsha and Stephen Zimberg, MD
Zimmerman Family Foundation
Zoll Services LLC