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Technology Resource Center

The Technology Resource Center is located within the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation. Our Center’s professionals develop customized alternative/augmentative communication systems for children and adults who have never spoken or who have lost their ability to speak due to accidents, injuries or other medical conditions.

Multidisciplinary Team

A team of Cleveland Clinic physicians and professionals evaluate the communication needs of all patients referred to our Technology Resource Center. The team may include:

  • speech/language therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • physical therapist

Prescribed Communication Systems

Based on evaluation, the team develops individualized communication systems to fit the needs and physical abilities of each patient. Systems may include:

  • communication devices
  • accessing equipment
  • adaptive switches
  • environmental controls
  • clinical software

Ongoing Training and Support

In addition, our team coordinates therapy services, education and training, and other support services to help patients adapt to their new systems and strengthen the communication process. The Technology Resource Center staff monitors the effectiveness of individualized systems and recommends ongoing communication strategies to improve communication. Staff can also assist families in securing funds to pay for communication systems.

Consultative Resources

The Technology Resource Center serves families, school districts, special education teachers, and other therapists by consulting on alternative/augmentative communication and therapeutic teaching strategies.

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