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Imaging Centers and Specialty Services

The Department of Imaging at Cleveland Clinic Florida offers a full range of routine and specialized imaging services and interventional treatments. We collaborate with an array of subspecialists, providing imaging support for nearly every medical specialty.
Imaging Centers and Specialty Services

Breast Imaging & Mammography

We provide the full range of breast imaging, including 3D mammograms, breast MRIs, breast ultrasounds and biopsies. Cleveland Clinic Florida offers comprehensive women’s imaging services in centralized, convenient locations.


Imaging Services

From routine tests to in-depth evaluations, you have access to all the medical imaging services you need. Our subspecialized radiologists review and interpret your imaging results.


Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiologists perform catheter-based procedures to diagnose and treat an extensive range of conditions. They collaborate with multiple subspecialists and provide advanced, life-saving care.


Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is an advanced radiology subspecialty. These imaging techniques use small amounts of substances called radiotracers to highlight certain areas in the body. Nuclear medicine tests give your radiologist critical information about how organs and body systems are functioning.

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