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At Cleveland Clinic in Florida, your imaging is in the hands of skilled and compassionate world-class radiologists. We use advanced tools to provide the full range of imaging services, from diagnostic imaging to interventional treatments. The Department of Imaging offers comprehensive care in multiple convenient locations throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast.
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Radiology and Imaging: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic in Florida?

Our imaging team includes specialized experts with decades of experience. When you choose Cleveland Clinic in Florida, you benefit from:

  • Academic, team-based care: Our Department of Imaging is one of only a few academic, multispecialty imaging teams in Florida. We collaborate with a wide array of subspecialists, providing imaging services for medical specialties throughout our Florida locations. Meet our team.
  • Regional and national recognition: Cleveland Clinic in Florida hospitals consistently earn awards and high rankings. Our imaging centers are accredited by the American College of Radiology. Our Lozick Women’s Center in Weston is a nationally accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence with the ACR.
  • Patient-first approach: Daily huddles among physicians, nurses and other staff put you and your family first. These discussions emphasize patient safety, treatment plans and refining our care so you get the services you need when you need them.
  • Subspecialized experts: Our radiologists are subspecialists in multiple disciplines, meaning you receive care from physicians who are experts in your specific concern or condition. For example, breast radiologists review and interpret mammograms, and neuroradiologists review and interpret brain and spine images. Our vast range of expertise also includes interventional radiologists who offer advanced, life-saving treatments.
  • Expert physicians: Cleveland Clinic in Florida radiologists are established physician leaders. Our board-certified physicians are researchers and authors who train and educate the next generation of physicians.
  • Convenience and ease of access: We have multiple convenient locations across South Florida and the Treasure Coast to make it as easy as possible for you to access our services. We offer self-scheduling for routine exams and virtual visits for interventional radiology consultations. You can schedule appointments and receive services in the ways that are most accessible and convenient for you, often without even leaving your home.
  • Efficient turnaround times: We don’t want you to wait long for your test results or to get answers to your medical questions. We commit to quick turnaround times, providing routine imaging results the same day. Often, we surpass this goal, providing results within six hours or less. Our doctors follow up with you quickly to explain your test results and answer your questions.

Our Areas of Imaging Expertise

Although many people use the terms imaging and radiology interchangeably, they’re not exactly the same. Imaging refers to all the tools and technologies used to noninvasively see inside your body. Radiology is a medical specialty that uses radiation technology to diagnose, monitor and treat diseases.

Radiology is an extensive specialty. Radiologists may focus exclusively on diagnosing and monitoring diseases. Or they may subspecialize in areas such as interventional radiology to noninvasively diagnose and treat diseases. A radiologist likely will be part of your care team at some point in your health journey, no matter what health needs or concerns you have.

Our radiologists offer the full array of imaging services and offer specialty services, including:

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Our team of skilled radiologists is highly trained in the newest technology, so our patients benefit from the most up-to-date techniques and treatments.

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Our physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals at Cleveland Clinic in Florida work together in areas of expertise to provide the highest level of patient care.

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