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Current News

Current News

Remote work likely affecting our ability to learn, focus and innovate, studies show

The Globe and Mail
May 26, 2023

Hybrid and remote work structures continue to remain a popular offering at workplaces across Canada. While remote work can be beneficial for companies and employees alike, it’s crucial to establish supports to maintain team engagement and preserve employees’ cognitive health. Our Dr. Talia Varley shares her strategies for how companies can put these supports in place to foster a cognitively healthy hybrid workforce.

Women are drinking more, but alcohol addiction is still a taboo subject in the workplace

The Globe and Mail
March 28, 2023

Drinking among women has increased steadily in the past decade, yet alcohol misuse or dependency is an issue that is not commonly discussed in the workplace. Dr. Talia Varley spoke with the Globe and Mail to share her insights on the subject, and why it’s crucial for organizations to ensure that there’s a thoughtful review of workplace policies surrounding mental health and substance use. 

Dr. Talia Varley: Corporate Canada needs better approach to menopause if it wants to keep women leaders

Financial Post
March 8, 2023

Despite major advances in female leadership at companies, corporate Canada is still seeing a large exodus of woman leaders. Our Dr. Talia Varley, Physician Lead of Advisory Services, explains how this trend is strongly linked to a lack of proper menopause support, and what companies can do to help.

Dr. Talia Varley - Your path to possibility and positivity

Chatter that Matters
February 10, 2023

Dr. Talia Varley, our Physician Lead for Advisory Services, joined Tony Chapman on Chatter That Matters. She talks about the type of leadership we need across our society and the role today’s leaders must play to inspire significant and lasting change. 

Opinion: It’s 2023 — it’s time to stop the abuse of our front-line workers

Calgary Herald
January 13, 2023

Our frontline workers have borne the brunt of people’s frustrations over the past few years. Dr. Seema Parmar, Director of Health Intelligence & Insights with our Advisory Services team, is seeing more companies seeking help to support and retain frontline staff who are suffering, going on disability leave or quitting altogether. And she reminds us all that a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

A prescription for change: Supporting remote workers in an age of healthcare shortages

Canadian Mining Magazine
Winter 2023

Companies with a large remote workforce have engaged us as their Medical Director to help introduce supports for areas such as psychological safety, resilience training, and stress awareness. Dr. Jeff Alfonsi, a Physician with our Advisory Services team, shares his insights on the topic as well as strategies for creating a successful health and wellness culture at your organization. 

News Archive

News Archive

Ultra-processed fast food & dementia were linked in a new study & here's what you should know

Dec 17, 2022

Devon Peart, a Registered Dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada, delves deeper into a new study which links ultra-processed foods to an increased risk of developing dementia.

How companies can partner with nonprofits

Harvard Business Review
November 25, 2022

Dr. Talia Varley teamed up with Bruce Simpson, a senior advisor on ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) at McKinsey & Company, to share insights on the growing trend of businesses joining forces with non-profits and NGOS.

The decline of civility, the rise of microtraumas and the toll on frontline staff

The Globe and Mail
October 26, 2022

While the healthcare industry is typically equipped to deal with the microtraumas that often accompany frontline roles, many other industries are finding themselves ill prepared. Our Advisory Services leads Dr. Varley and Dr. Parmar outline what employers can do to support their frontline staff.

How to identify struggling remote workers, and create a win-win for their return to office

The Globe and Mail
October 19, 2022

As we emerge from the pandemic, companies are facing the challenge of how to structure their work environments. Our Drs. Talia Varley and Seema Parmar highlight the benefits that come with in-office work, and share how companies can plan for a successful transition. 

How do leaders lead when they are the ones who need help?

The Globe and Mail
October 12, 2022

Signs of distress in senior executives are not always recognized. So how can you ensure that your organization’s executives are receiving the support that they need? Our Dr. Talia Varley, the Physician Lead for Advisory Services, shares her expertise on the topic.

When it comes to how firms spend money, an ounce of wellness far exceeds a pound of cure 

The Globe and Mail
October 5, 2022

The importance of a robust and versatile employee wellness offering has never been clearer than it is today. In this column for the Globe & Mail, Dr. Talia Varley, Physician Lead for Advisory Services at Cleveland Clinic Canada, shares her insights on the ever-evolving industry. 

Q&A: In the know

Ignite Magazine
Fall 2022

As in-person events and conferences begin to pick up again, many companies are wondering if it’s safe to drop safety precautions. Dr. Gabe Rebick, a member of the Advisory Services team at Cleveland Clinic Canada, shares his thoughts on the future of the pandemic. 

Sounding board: A look at the future of workplace wellness

Benefits Magazine
June 29, 2022

This piece in Benefits Magazine explores the changes in employee expectations and highlights how we at Cleveland Clinic Canada are working with organizations to strengthen their wellness and benefit offerings.