The Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Simulation Center continues the ongoing tradition of excellence at Cleveland Clinic in serving as a national model for an atmosphere that fosters collaborative efforts in education, research and innovation. Our patients are the ultimate benefactors from the innovative training and research initiatives employed at the Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Simulation Center.

The simulation center offers healthcare professionals a rich educational experience. We provide a variety of courses throughout the year, self-guided tasked-based simulators, and the ability for you to create your own training program.

Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Simulation Center
2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd
Braathen Building (Bldg. B), 5th Floor
Weston, FL 33331

Capabilities & Equipment

Capabilities & Equipment

The simulation center is equipped to offer the following types of training/learning.  


  • Scenario development.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Scenario operations.
  • Cadaver/Wet lab facility.
  • Facilitator training.
  • Moulage for injuries, wounds, and skin conditions.
  • Skills training.


  • 2 Sim Man 3G high fidelity Manikins with vital signs.
  • Intuitive DaVinci Robotics surgery trainer.
  • Surgical Science (formerly Simbionix) GI-Bronch Mentor.
  • Upper and lower GI scopes.
  • Bronchoscopy scope.
  • Laparoscopic surgery box trainers.
  • FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery) trainer.
  • Central line trainers.
  • IV-line trainers.
  • Airway heads.
  • Cricothyrotomy trainers.
  • Ultrasoundable Spinal injection trainers.
  • A-line trainer.
  • Trauma Man trainer. 
  • Cricothyrotomy.
  • Chest tube.
  • Pericardiocentesis.
  • Pacer Man.
  • CAE Vimedix® ultrasound trainer including POCUS, TTE, TEE.
  • Mentice IR trainer.
Lab Policies & Guidelines

Lab Policies & Guidelines

  • Food and drinks: 
    • Permitted: Snacks and covered drinks.  
    • Not permitted: Meals, foods with strong odors and uncovered drinks. All litter must be disposed of properly.
  • Ink pens cannot be used in SIM rooms. Pencils or electronic note taking is permitted.
  • It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure the room(s) are returned to the condition they were prior to the event, including returning equipment to proper location, ensuring garbage is disposed of and nothing remains for the next group to manage.
  • Capacity: Maximum capacity guidelines will be strictly enforced for all rooms. 
  • Adherence to Cleveland Clinic sharps policy.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use the Skills Lab?

The skills lab is open 24/7 for skill practice.  

How do I check-in for courses?

Scan the QR code, located near every door and complete the brief form.

How do I schedule a course?

Please send inquiries to SimulationCenter@ccf.org

Can you do cadaver labs?

Yes. Cadaver specimens must be fresh/frozen. 

Can I use preserved specimens?

No. Due to air exchange requirements, we are not able to accommodate preserved specimens.

Can I use the lab to conduct research?

Yes. We welcome research collaborations and will assist in any way possible.

I have an idea for a new course. Can you assist with curriculum development?

Yes. Our team consists of certified Simulation Educators and Simulation Specialists, who can assist with all aspects of course development, testing, and delivery.

Can I schedule a tour of the lab?

Yes. We welcome visitors. Please send inquiries to SimulationCenter@ccf.org.