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Cleveland Clinic Patient Stories In Florida

Inspiring patients who have had amazing outcomes at Cleveland Clinic locations in Florida. Learn more about their journeys.
Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Rhonda Hodge

Lifesaving Seconds Make Life-Changing Difference

May 17, 2024

“Rhonda Hodge Recovers from Acute Stroke Exclaiming, “Watch out World!”
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Patient, Jorge Morales, pictured with his family including his mother, Airin Rodriguez.

Young Artist with Autism is Living Seizure-Free After Surgery

Apr 1, 2024

“Jorge is the center of our house. I’m so happy now I can sleep knowing he is okay. I knew I was putting my son into good hands.”
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Gordon Dakin (right) with his two children

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Gains a New Perspective on Life

Mar 18, 2024

”I want to ensure my health so I can be a part of their future.“
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Michael Ryan with his caregivers in the ICU.

“Miracle Man” Beats the Odds After His Chance of Survival is Less Than 10%

Feb 28, 2024

“Michael had the odds stacked against him. It is a miraculous recovery.”
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Kurt with Cleveland Clinic caregiver

Stroke Team Helps Patient Get Life Back in Indian River

Feb 20, 2024

“Cleveland Clinic saved my life, saved my quality of life,” he says. “I am so thankful for Dr. Dahlgren and his team.”
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Left: Frank with his family. Right: Frank with Dr. Samer Riaz

Father of Three is Seizure-Free After Life Changing Surgery

Feb 15, 2024

“I was not nervous at all. In fact, I was really looking forward to it.”
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Curtis walk with his wife outside Cleveland Clinic Martin Health.

Heart Surgery Brings Quality of Life for Older Patient

Feb 7, 2024

“It turned out just wonderful for me. I’m so glad Cleveland Clinic is here.”
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David uses wearable technologies to help monitor his heart condition so he can live an active lifestyle.

Wearable Device Signals Heart Issue, Helps Prevent Man’s Second Heart Attack

Jan 31, 2024

“Without the reassurance and confidence from Cleveland Clinic, and the monitoring technology I use, I’m not sure I would be back to my previous level of activity.”
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Ken Firestone in rehab after his shoulder surgery

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Gets Patient Back to Enjoying Life

Jan 15, 2024

“My quality of life was down to about 60 percent. I was really limited in what I could do.”
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