Duration of 1 year. The educational program is based on Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology (SUFU) guidelines. It covers the following modules:

  • Urodynamic Testing. Extensive urodynamic testing in the state-of-the-art laboratory using fluorourodynamics provides a thorough understanding of different disease processes.
  • LUTS and Urinary Incontinence (male and female)
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Voiding Dysfunction (neurogenic and non-neurogenic)
  • Genitourinary Reconstruction. GU reconstruction includes use of bowel, urethroplasty, and ureteral reconstruction.

These modules cover diagnostic evaluation and treatment of neurogenic bladder, pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse, rectovaginal fistula, vesicovaginal and urethrovaginal fistula, and urinary incontinence and its different management modalities including behavior treatment, pharmacological treatment, biofeedback electrical stimulation, and surgical. The evaluation and treatment of anal incontinence is in collaboration with colorectal surgery. The educational activities cover the anatomy and pathophysiology of the bladder and the rectum. Urological reconstructive bowel surgery, male incontinence, urethral reconstructive surgery, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, and bladder outlet obstruction are examples of the domain of this specialty. Monitoring outcomes of different treatments is an integral part of the curriculum. Practice management and coding is discussed on one-to-one basis, and included in the core curriculum. Clinical trial design and statistics are included in the educational activities.

In addition to the structured curriculum, other unique activities are integrated:

  • Annual Female Pelvic Floor seminar and workshops enhance educational opportunity and exposure
  • Monthly Journal Club meetings in combination with Urogynecology
  • Monthly Pelvic Floor Disorders meetings in combination with Urogynecology and Colorectal
  • Periodical research meetings
  • One trip to related national meeting or seminar (requires approval of program director)
  • Visiting surgeons (national and international) provide a healthy environment and a broader perspective for interaction
  • The Research Fellows Program provides a stimulating and cooperative complimentary aspect of the fellowship
  • Participation in house training programs
  • Participation in the different clinical research projects on new medications and devices offers an up-to-date on the newest applications in the field.

Program Director

Sneha Vaish, MD
Sneha Vaish, MD
Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide advanced training in the specialty of female pelvic reconstruction and voiding dysfunction and GU bowel reconstruction.
  • Attract and recruit qualified applicants
  • Improve patient care and surgery using cost-effective and minimally invasive approaches
  • Increase the basic science knowledge of pelvic anatomy, pathophysiology, and neurophysiology and monitor outcomes for different treatments provided
  • Provide geographical outreach of services
The Program

The Program

On-call and Consult Responsibilities

On-call responsibilities are approximately 2-3 nights per week. The call is not in-house and typically one week every three weeks. The different staff members cover their own patients during the weekdays. The fellow covers consultations during the on-call days.


Research is integrated with clinical work during the fellowship training. A reasonable schedule that allows a balance between clinical work, study, self-development, and research is emphasized. The fellow is expected to have at least one major project to complete and expected to present his/her work at the annual SUFU meeting.


Evaluation of fellow at least twice per year.

Evaluation of staff and program at least once per year.



Salary is at the PGY-6 level plus fringe benefits as detailed in the Graduate Physician Policy Manual and listed in the Resident/Fellow Benefits.

Grad Level Current Pay Rate
1 $52,474
2 $54,341
3 $56,265
4 $58,284
5 $60,673
6 $63,145
7 $65,840
8 $67,073

Paid Time Away: Vacation, Maternity, & Paternity

  • Vacation: 3 weeks (15 working days) provided at the beginning of each academic year
  • Maternity: 6 weeks paid leave for natural childbirth or adoption; 8 weeks for cesarean section. Additional time off unpaid up to a maximum of 12 weeks under the Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Paternity: 2 week paid leave. Additional time off unpaid up to a maximum of 12 weeks under the Family Medical Leave Act.


  • Healthcare: Cleveland Clinic Florida covers 50% of annual Healthcare Plans for Clinical Trainees and their families. Effective on the first day of training with no waiting period.
  • Dental and Vision Care: Cleveland Clinic Florida covers 100% of annual Dental and Vision Care Plans for Clinical Trainees.
  • Maternity Care: 100% coverage is provided through the health care plan that you select within the plans guidelines.
  • Pharmaceuticals: As outlined by the Cleveland Clinic Florida Health Plan.
  • Malpractice: Paid by the Cleveland Clinic Educational Foundation/Cleveland Clinic Florida. Limited to activities within the training program.
  • Life Insurance: $25,000 term group policy.

Travel Privileges and Other Education Activities

Senior residents, chief residents and fellows in ACGME and NON-ACGME programs that meet eligibly criteria as outlined in the Graduate Physicians Manual may be approved to attend academic meetings for the purpose of presenting or engaging in leadership roles within national societies will be eligible up to 5 days per academic year with a maximum reimbursement of $1,200 per academic year.

Additional Benefits

  • Book Allowance: A $250 educational allowance per year is available to all clinical residents/fellows. Primary use is for textbooks.
  • On-call Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Paid by Cleveland Clinic Florida when on in house night call.
  • Cell phones: Apple IPhone provided to all residents
  • Uniforms: Supplied by Cleveland Clinic Florida.


Program Director

Sneha Vaish, MD

Program Coordinator

Vanessa Santos, BHSA
2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd.
Weston, Florida 33331
Phone: 954.659.5889
Fax: 954.659.6216
Email: santosv@ccf.org



Class of 2018

Barbara Chubak, MD