A Powerful Force in Medicine

At Cleveland Clinic Florida, patient care, clinical research and medical education are intertwined and interdependent.  The commitment to improvements in patient care, enhancements in medical education and breakthroughs in clinical research have made it one of the finest medical institutions in the United States.

This accomplishment is achieved by recruiting physicians and scientists who excel in the most demanding fields of medicine, and who are pioneers in research, innovators in education, and experts at treating complicated cases.

The hallmark of  Cleveland Clinic is innovation, which sets the future course of medicine. For decades, philanthropic support has funded this mission. However, biomedical research and education have become increasingly costly. Support must increase if Cleveland Clinic is to continue developing new treatments, new cures and technologies, and applying them to patient care.


The Role of Research at Cleveland Clinic

One of the four cornerstones of the mission of Cleveland Clinic is to continue to develop new and better methods of diagnosis and management of disease. This 85 year old mission continues today in Cleveland and in Florida where Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Cleveland Clinic Florida physicians and scientists have the unique ability to consistently develop and apply a plethora of knowledge to a myriad of new innovations. The several hundred research studies that have been successfully undertaken in Florida have directly impacted the lives of patients around the world. The numerous advances have led to improvements in both outcomes and quality of life. The Division of Research and Education maintains a high degree of international acclaim for the number and quality of research protocols. Moreover, the results of these investigations are reported and presented in numerous high acclaimed peer-reviewed journals and at major national and international scientific forums each year. These significant research advancements allow us to provide the best possible patient care.

Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD
Center Director, Research  

Clinical Research

Clinical research is second nature to Cleveland Clinic Florida physicians. Since the clinic opened in 1988, they have conducted more than 300 clinical trials comparing the effectiveness of various treatment methods on patients. These trials are often the final steps of research projects that began years earlier in the laboratory.

Publication of research findings is one way physicians share their knowledge with their colleagues. Cleveland Clinic Florida physicians have published hundreds of books, chapters and papers. They have also shared information by speaking at medical meetings worldwide.

Educational Opportunity

To learn about research educational opportunities, visit the Voluntary Visiting Researcher Program offered through Graduate Medical Education.