The Cleveland Clinic Florida First Responder Hardship Program has been created to provide financial support to eligible first responders residing in Florida who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship due to COVID-19. The program is subject to fund availability.


  • The programs welcomes members of law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency management officials, firefighters, or any other first responder, to apply.
  • Information provided by applicants will be treated as confidential and shared only with individuals directly involved in the program's fund administration and processing.


  • Common life occurrences such as routine car and home repairs, car and home maintenance, legal fees, monthly bills, animal care, and living beyond one's means are not qualifying events for which financial assistance will be made. The program is not designed to replace all losses or to reimburse the cost of nonessential, luxury or decorative items or services.
  • Financial hardships caused by garnishments, payday/title loans and student loans do not qualify for assistance.

Qualifying Circumstances

Examples of qualifying circumstances due to COVID-19 that may be approved for financial assistance include:

  • Accident or illness of the first responder and/or an immediate family member resulting in loss of work
  • Out-of-pocket health care expenses not subject to a payment plan with health care provider
  • Care and resources for a critically ill immediate family member resulting in loss of work
  • Theft
  • Spouse laid off work
  • Other non-medical emergencies

Fund Review Committee

The Emergency Relief Fund Review Committee shall consist of six representatives from each of the following groups, who will consider the request of the first responder, any special circumstances, time sensitivity, and any other relevant facts concerning the need that the Committee may weigh in its discretion::

  • Cleveland Clinic Florida's Executive Team
  • Local first response departments or designee
  • Other volunteers from our local communities
  • The Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic Florida Human Resources, will serve on the committee as an administrative, non-voting member
Apply Now

Apply Now

First Responder Hardship Program Emergency Relief Fund Application

Please complete the entire application and provide as much detail regarding your circumstance as possible.

Please Note: Incomplete requests will not be processed. Supporting documentation examples include:

  • Eviction/foreclosure notifications
  • Past due utilities
  • Policy/fire report
  • Invoice of funeral expenses
  • Doctor’s note
  • Other related documentation

Documentation must be on letterhead or statement of owed party.

*Indicates required information.

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Hardship Information
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The Cleveland Clinic Florida First Responder Hardship Program was created as a community benefit, consistent with the charitable mission of Cleveland Clinic Florida, and is funded by charitable donations from generous individuals in these communities. The program’s Emergency Relief Fund will provide financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic to first responders who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship due to COVID-19, in order to ensure their wellbeing so that these first responders can continue to support and protect our communities during this national emergency. Allocation from the fund is limited to fund availability and determined solely upon the application of the first responder.

Financial assistance paid from the fund may be taxable as income to the first responder recipient, and all first responders are encouraged to consult with their individual tax preparers concerning tax applicability.