Transformative Gifts

Transformative Gifts

Philanthropy is a catalyst for advancing medicine, leading to innovative treatments and breakthroughs. All philanthropic gifts for the Campaign for Cleveland Clinic Florida will be used to directly support facilities and programs in Florida. Please join us in this important endeavor to secure the future of South Florida’s healthcare.

We invite you to learn how you can support our expansion efforts.

Ways to Give

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

The South Florida community recognizes the unique, quality driven approach of Cleveland Clinic’s model of healthcare. Strong demand has led to a need for broader access to Cleveland Clinic primary, specialty care and inpatient services. Your support of The Campaign for Cleveland Clinic Florida will help us respond to this need.

The first phase of our expansion included the completion of the five-story, 144,000-square-foot Egil and Pauline Braathen Center on Cleveland Clinic Florida’s Weston campus. The Braathen Center houses the expanded Pauline Braathen Neurological Center and the Maroone Cancer Center.

The second phase focuses on critical enhancements to the inpatient infrastructure, which will accomplish the following key priorities: increase the Emergency Department’s capacity, create a new Women’s Center in Weston, build a Family Health and Ambulatory Surgery Center in Coral Springs, and add hospital beds and critical care areas to accommodate surgical cases from medical specialty areas and the transplant program.

Cleveland Clinic Florida has made a purposeful commitment to expand our facilities to enhance patient care, recruit new scientific and clinical talent, and provide every resource needed to deliver world-class care. In this time of great opportunity our ability to take the significant strides envisioned and to create a bright future for patients still depends upon the generosity and foresight of our donors. Philanthropists who share our vision of improving therapies and providing the best possible comprehensive patient care remain of critical importance to this campaign. Cleveland Clinic Florida is also committed to exceptional, innovative care. Donors can help us fuel the innovation, collaboration and commitment to results that will help Cleveland Clinic Florida deliver the best care in South Florida.

Where to Begin

Director’s Priorities

Gifts of any size to these funds provide critical resources to the Cleveland Clinic Florida cancer and neurological centers to support the most promising new research initiatives in their earliest stages and to enhance our total patient care.

  • Innovation Fund: Support for innovation funds helps to fuel discoveries in research, provide the latest treatment services available and innovate patient care.
  • Technology: Support for technology funds helps to fuel discoveries in research, provide the latest treatment services available and innovate patient care.
  • Research: General Support – support the many laboratory and clinical research initiatives that take place at the Neurological Center.
  • Patient Care Fund: These funds enable Cleveland Clinic Florida to fulfill its commitment to offering truly comprehensive, compassionate care by treating the whole patient — body, mind and spirit. This includes support for space and activities such as art and speech therapy, Reiki, massage therapy and yoga services.
  • Patient Assistance Fund: Provides emergency support to alleviate some of the financial burdens families face when a loved one is sick.

Support Our Doctors and Caregivers

Endowment funds are vital to Cleveland Clinic’s strong programs of medical research, education and clinical care. A named endowment fund at Cleveland Clinic is an excellent way to create a permanent legacy that honors the memory or achievements of an individual. Annual income earned by endowment directly supports current programs in many key specialties. An endowment gift is a most significant investment in the future of medical science and the improved delivery of healthcare.

  • Endowed Physician Chairs ($2 million): Named Chairs provide income for chair holders to expand the scope of their work, advance research, enhance educational programs and promote collaboration between clinical areas. These highly coveted positions are awarded to the most talented, experienced and accomplished physicians and researchers.
  • Fund a Fellowship/Resident for one year ($75,000): Education has been an integral component of Cleveland Clinic’s mission since its inception. As leaders of the South Florida medical community, we understand the importance and value of graduate medical education programs, which help train the physicians who will serve future generations. This fund will support a bright, young physician receiving critical specialized training in oncology or neurology.

Capital Naming Opportunities

Make a gift that forever links your name, or that of a friend or loved one, with the world-class care provided at Cleveland Clinic Florida. For more information, please contact the Philanthropy Department at 954.659.6238.

Gift Planning

Gift Planning

Successful gift planning allows you to make charitable contributions in ways that maximize personal, family, and philanthropic goals, while also minimizing cost.

Assets you can use to make a gift:

  • Cash/Check, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Tangible Personal Property (art, jewelry)
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Retirement Plan Assets and/or IRAs

A variety of gift options are available to meet your goals:

Current Gifts

Outright Gift

You can make an outright gift by transferring any of the assets listed above directly to Cleveland Clinic Florida. With each gift, you will receive an acknowledgment letter detailing the asset given and the amount of your charitable income tax deduction, which you should keep for tax purposes.

Multi-year Pledge

A multi-year pledge is recurring support which, year after year, helps sustain the mission of Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Deferred or Life Income Gifts

Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a simple agreement in which we promise to pay you, you and your spouse, or your children, a lifetime income in exchange for a gift of an asset. The payment is fixed at the time you establish the gift and can be paid to you in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is generally used when there are multiple beneficiaries. A CRT can provide income
to you, you and your spouse, or you, your spouse and your children for life or for a term of years, in exchange for a gift.
The payment can be fixed (annuity trust) or variable, based on the year-end market value of the trust (unitrust).

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust (CLT) may appeal to individuals who wish to make a gift but retain the property in their family.

Retained Life Estate

A retained life estate is a gift plan that allows you to donate a home (or farm) to Cleveland Clinic Florida while retaining the right to live in it for the rest of your life. A gift of the remainder interest in a personal residence provides you with a current charitable deduction and may allow reduction or elimination of capital gains tax on the property’s appreciation. You retain the right to live on the property, but continue to be responsible for all routine expenses – maintenance fees, insurance, property taxes, repairs, etc.



After you have provided for your family and loved ones, a bequest in your will would enable you to make a gift to support your favorite medical area or program at Cleveland Clinic Florida. An example of language that you can use is “I give and bequeath to Cleveland Clinic Florida, (the sum of $____ or ____%) to support its exempt purposes (or insert name of program or project).”

Life Insurance

You can make a gift to Cleveland Clinic Florida of your paid-up life insurance policy, or you could buy a new policy and name Cleveland Clinic Florida as the owner and beneficiary. With a gift of a paid-up life insurance policy, you can deduct the cash value of the policy at the time of the gift. With the purchase of a new policy, you would establish the policy and then transfer ownership to Cleveland Clinic Florida. If there are premium payments that remain to be paid, you could make annual gifts to Cleveland Clinic Florida to help cover the cost of the premium, which also would be tax-deductible to you.

Retirement Plan Assets

As with a life insurance gift, naming Cleveland Clinic Florida as a beneficiary designation can offer you significant value. Due to applicable estate and income taxes, family members usually only receive 25 percent to 30 percent of the value of an IRA or retirement plan. Much of this tax can be avoided if the assets are instead used to fund a bequest.

These are just a few of the many gift options available to you. If you or your financial advisor would like more information, please contact Cleveland Clinic Florida’s Philanthropy Institute at 954.659.6238.