Treatment Guides and Scheduling a Colonoscopy

Find helpful guides for conditions and treatments related to Digestive Disease including IBD, Colon & Rectal Cancer, Colonoscopies, and more.


  • This guide addresses common concerns regarding a colonoscopy, including what happens during a colonoscopy and what steps need to be taken prior to having a colonoscopy.
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  • This guide aids patients in understanding how a J-Pouch is created, addresses who may be a candidate for a J-Pouch, and identifies the benefits of the procedure.
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Schedule a Colonoscopy

To schedule your colonoscopy at a Cleveland Clinic Florida location, please call 844.290.5764. If you would like to schedule a colonoscopy without first seeing a Cleveland Clinic specialist for an office visit at Weston Hospital or Coral Springs Family Health Center, please fill out our colonoscopy appointment request form.