Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

The Cleveland Clinic health system completed community health needs assessments (CHNAs) for each hospital facility. The goal of these assessments is to identify and evaluate health-related needs in the communities Cleveland Clinic hospitals serve and to use this information to fulfill our mission. The accompanying Implementation Strategy Reports (ISRs) outline the hospitals’ strategies to address identified community health needs. All reports have been formally approved and adopted as required by IRS regulations.

We invite you to view our reports below.

For more information on Cleveland Clinic Health Needs Assessments, please contact [email protected].

2019 Cleveland Clinic Florida CHNA and Implementation Strategy Report

Please Note: The 2019 CHNAs and ISRs were conducted before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our reports will be adjusted to accommodate the challenges and our responses to the worldwide pandemic, and will be fully reported in the next cycle of CHNAs.

2016 Cleveland Clinic Florida CHNA and Implementation Strategy Report

2013 Cleveland Clinic Florida CHNA and Implementation Strategy Report

Community Benefit

The community benefit Cleveland Clinic provides is wide reaching, from making healthcare available for the neediest among us to educating the next generation of healthcare professionals and funding medical research that leads to advanced treatments and cures.

Cleveland Clinic: A Vital Economic Force

Economic Impact Report

This reports shows that by fulfilling its mission, Cleveland Clinic also serves as a powerful economic engine in the communities it serves. Cleveland Clinic directly and indirectly generated $4.12 billion of economic activity in Florida through its ongoing operations and construction activities. This includes 25,347 jobs and $1.66 billion in wages and benefits.