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Since 2013, we have proudly been the Official Healthcare Provider for the Toronto Maple Leafs alumni. Dozens of former Maple Leafs hockey players have visited our clinic and have been thrilled with our facilities, our services and, most importantly, our care – and we have received some incredible feedback from them. This relationship is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and working with players and fans to help them live healthier, more active lives.

Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

  • Know what is normal for your body and report any changes or concerns to your physician.
  • Be proactive and get your recommended physical and health screenings.
  • Move your body, eat well, manage your stress, laugh and get your rest. Repeat every day.
  • Stay informed on the latest health news.

Learn how to own your health

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Cleveland Clinic Canada want to encourage hockey fans to OWN THEIR HEALTH. Throughout the season, we will be sharing helpful tips and articles to encourage you to play an active role in your healthcare. As a healthcare provider, we are always here to help our patients but we also want to encourage them to take control of their health every day.