Lawrence Cohen, MD, joined Cleveland Clinic Canada as a Gastroenterologist in 2006. He also serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at University of Toronto, a position he has held since 2000. Dr. Cohen is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and holds a Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Licensure. Since 1985, Dr. Cohen has been an active gastroenterology consultant at the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in addition to medical and acting director positions there.

Raised in Toronto, Canada, he began his post secondary school education at the University of Toronto, earning a Bachelor of Science degree, and later, his Masters of Science degree in Pharmacology. He attended McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree and continued his post-graduate training with an internal medicine internship. He completed his residencies at Sunnybrook Medical Center, Toronto, and Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia respectively. Dr. Cohen continued at the University of Toronto and Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, to complete his subspecialty and clinical fellowships in gastroenterology.

Dr. Cohen has been an active member in numerous Canadian and American gastroenterology-related societies and committees, and over the past thirty years, has received many awards for his research, teaching and academic accomplishments. He has written or collaborated in 22 peer-reviewed journals, 39 abstracts and has been a presenting speaker to 26 learned societies.

Dr. Cohen enjoys all that life has to offer, and lives for his family of five sons and a supportive, loving wife.


Sunnybrook Medical Centre
Toronto, ON
Austin Hospital
Melbourne, Australia
St. Michael’s Hospital
Toronto, ON
Medical School
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
Master of Sciences
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
Bachelor of Sciences
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

Specialty Interests


Awards and Honours

Honours List Award; Innis College, University of Toronto
Ontario Graduate Scholarship; University of Toronto
Research Scholarship; Addiction Research Foundation
Award in Therapeutics (Merck, Sharpe &Dome); McMaster University
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; Young Clinicians Teacher Award
Finalist; Pairo Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching
Boyd Academy; Continuing Education Award

Professional Memberships

American Gastroenterology Association
American College of Physicians
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
American College of Gastroenterology
Canadian Medical Association