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Headache Clinic

More than 70 percent of Americans will suffer headache pain severe enough to compel them to seek medical attention at some point during their lifetimes. A small but substantial minority of patients experience chronic daily or near daily headaches, which significantly impacts the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

Types of Headaches

Patients can suffer from a variety of headache disorders. Primary headaches include:

  • Migraines with and without auras
  • Tension-type headaches
  • Cluster headaches

These types of headaches, among others, initially must be distinguished from headaches due to medical disorders such as strokes and tumors.

How We Help Patients

The first goal is to refer patients to appropriate medical or surgical colleagues if their headaches may be signs of other medical problems. When no medical cause is found, as is the case with the majority of patients who have developed primary headache disorders, the goal is to tailor a regimen that effectively reduces the frequency and severity of headaches. Our goal is to alleviate the pain in these patients as well as those patients with more episodic, but equally disruptive, headaches—restoring a sense of well-being and returning the patient to acceptable functional status.

Infusion Suite

The infusion suite is a treatment room devoted to intravenous infusions specific for headaches and multiple sclerosis treatments. This suite is under the guidance of our staff physician and provides “same-day” care for patients. The infusion suite successfully functions as a site where patients can be detoxified from medications that perpetuate headaches. It functions as an alternative to hospitalization. Combined with innovative approaches developed at Cleveland Clinic, the headache team has successfully treated many chronic headache patients as outpatients.

To make an appointment with a Cleveland Clinic headache specialist at Hillcrest Hospital, call 216.636.5860 or toll-free 866.588.2264.