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Expecting a baby?  That’s fabulous news!  Cleveland Clinic’s birthing hospitals are excited to offer you our FREE weekly parenting eNewsletter, Parenting Connection.  Based on the latest research, Parenting Connection offers a step-by-step guide through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and then through your child’s third year of life.  And as advocates for exclusive breastfeeding, we are pleased to also offer an exclusive eNewsletter for breastfeeding mothers.

Each week, you'll receive

  • Support, tips and advice
  • Research findings that impact your child’s development
  • Tips on hospital and other resources that can help (classes, tours, support groups, etc.)
  • Your baby’s developmental milestones

This free weekly service for expectant and new parents includes customized information, news, and resources—as well as announcements from our parent education staff, access to hospital classes, and tour information—all delivered to your in-box. Most importantly, Parenting Connection allows our hospital team to develop a richer, more supportive relationship with our patients—you! Please remember you are able to opt-out of this service very easily and privately at any point.

How it works

To receive Parenting Connection, we need your:

  • Name
  • Due Date (which you will be able to change at any point)
  • Email address

Opting in or out of this service in no way affects your treatment, payment or eligibility for any benefits due you from us.

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Privacy Policy

Hillcrest Hospital is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not use any personal health information without your explicit permission. Protecting health information, including any personally identifying information, is of vital importance to us.

The information you provide will go into a secure database maintained by our business associate, TPR Media, LLC. This information will only be used by authorized Hillcrest Hospital personnel and only for this purpose.

To facilitate the delivery of our Parenting Connection E-mail service, TPR Media, LLC., provider of hosting and maintenance, will assist us and ensure that our service provides you with the information and resources you need. You may cancel your subscription to Parenting Connection e-mail at any point by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button located on the email.

The single purpose of this information is to provide expectant and new parents weekly information. This information is tailored to your week of pregnancy or your baby’s age. The E-mail also includes announcements about other services, classes, and resources we offer, research briefs from TPR, and if you so choose, access to Parenting Connection, and participating sponsors. At no time will sponsors have access to any of your personal information unless you provide it to them directly.