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Autism Development Solutions (CCADS)

About Us

Cleveland Clinic Children's Center for Autism has developed one of the nation’s largest full-service, evidence-based treatment and education centers for children with autism. Cleveland Clinic Autism Development Solutions (CCADS) uses the same methodology and is based on this model of treatment to provide your institution with essential benefits, from consulting on an as-needed basis to on-the-ground assistance in the development and execution of a full business plan for your autism center. CCADS will be your resource and partner every step of the way in providing customizable consulting services—from assessment and research to the complete formation of a center for autism—to meet your specific needs.

Consultation Offerings

Advanced Diagnostic Clinics in Autism

CCADS can assist your organization in establishing state-of-the-art diagnostic clinics for initial evaluations, second opinions and re-evaluations for children suspected of having autism spectrum or like disorders. The collaboration of a variety of subspecialties ranging from psychological, speech/language and developmental pediatrics to neurology have been outlined, established and thoroughly practiced in hundreds of cases. These evaluations use gold standard measures of assessment and protocols that are configured to add to research designs both for your institution and as part of a network. Schematics for organizing these evaluations are available, as well as autism-specific training for licensed medical and allied professionals.

Behavioral Speech/Language and Communication

CCADS offers expert consultation in speech/language and communication assessment and treatment. We are one of only a handful of institutions that integrates applied behavior analysis with speech language developmental science to create a powerful intervention design for your team. This intervention is seamlessly woven throughout the child’s day. Expert training seminars are designed to target the development of interventionists working alongside the children daily. Individual and group sessions are customized for each child in the program.

Parent Training Series

CCADS offers an in depth parent training series that creates partners in treatment between your institution’s therapeutic efforts and continuity of those interventions in the home. Seminars, hands-on training and focused topic groups are just a sample of the design structure available to empower parents and caregivers to be the most effective in their child’s treatment. Topics ranging from toilet-training and developing speech, to managing challenging behavior and the latest in autism research are available through the consultation.

Staff Training

Initial training of new staff and ongoing in-servicing form the essence and backbone of establishing a center for autism. CCADS will host in-depth training seminars, in addition to “hands on” and “how to” demonstration. Training topics range from the foundations of understanding autism and applied behavior analysis to lectures designed for medical grand rounds. Various seminars and lectures given by staff at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Center for Autism are also available on DVD to add to your institution’s in-house library.

Immersion training is one of our most unique—and rarely found—offerings. Your staff will be immersed in Cleveland-based, on-site training at the Center for Autism, where they will take part in a one-of-a-kind resident learning opportunity. The training program with our highly-experienced staff can be anywhere from two and four weeks (number of weeks is dependent on the position, title and array of expected responsibilities). The immersion aspect of the CCADS training program is an invaluable offering that teaches the “art and science” in a first-rate clinical educational model and facility. This training is designed to set the tone and establish the organizational culture, thus ensuring the legacy and future of your center’s commitment in evidence-based practice.

Video Technology

CCADS uses video technology to be on site when you need us. Video conferencing for meetings and live streaming video of interventions with children are available and coordinated by the CCADS group, accelerating access to consultation and providing cost saving value to your institution.

Training the Trainer Program

When your center is prepared for the next step, CCADS offers a “train the trainer” program. This service is geared toward directors and clinical managers at your setting. How to train new staff in the fundamentals of applied behavior analysis and autism treatment, how to create a culture of evidence-based thinking and practice, working with families, establishing and keeping positive staff momentum, and supervision techniques are just part of the “train the trainer” series.

Building design

CCADS offers expert specialized consultation in the design elements of your center. Clinical and edu-scape designs have been created at the Center for Autism, making it one of only a few centers designed from the ground up for individuals with ASD. CCADS staff served as lead designer on Cleveland Clinic Children’s world-class autism treatment center, pioneering many of the detailed design elements. The designer of Cleveland Clinic Children's Center for Autism has been highlighted in architectural media and has been an invited lecturer at the prestigious Architectural Healthcare Design Symposium and NACHRI’S innovation in healthcare facilities conference.

To speak to an Autism Development Solutions representative about our program or to set up an appointment, please call 216.448.6440.