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Coordinated care begins with our Center for Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery, within Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Institute. Here, specialists collaborate with Cleveland Clinic Children’s to provide comprehensive advanced care for all pediatric neurological disorders. Our team comprises additional Neurological Institute centers, including our Epilepsy Center, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health and Sleep Disorders Center, which also work to provide every child and family with specialized, effective diagnoses and treatment for all neurological conditions.

Our multidisciplinary team offers state-of-the art care for a wide range of pediatric neurological conditions, including brain malformations, brain tumors, cerebral palsy and spasticity, epilepsy, headache, hydrocephalus, metabolic and mitochondrial disease and stroke.

Specialists board-certified in pediatrics, neurology and pediatric neurosurgery work in partnership with a number of other pediatric specialists to treat a wide range of nervous system diseases and disorders in children. These may include:

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