Learn about the Reflections Wellness Program

Let Us Pamper You

The Reflections cancer wellness program is one of the many reasons we're considered among the best cancer hospitals. Reflections is a free wellness program that offers a variety of complementary wellness and aesthetic services to Cleveland Clinic Cancer patients. You have the opportunity to be pampered, to regain a sense of control over your cancer, and to take some special moments for yourself.

A licensed medical aesthetician, certified in Reiki and reflexology, oversees the program. Treatments are given in a softly lighted room filled with soothing sounds and tranquil scents.

Through the program, you can enjoy a professional reflexology treatment and a gentle foot soak. Focus the mind on healing and help reduce pain using guided imagery. Experience deep feelings of warmth and comfort from a Reiki treatment. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself with a luxurious facial, or gain a new outlook with a makeover.

The treatments are designed to reduce anxiety and promote healing while you're undergoing cancer treatments and leave you feeling your best. All sessions are private.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 216.444.3527.