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See what Cleveland Clinic Children's physicians are saying in the news about caring for your child, whether it is the sniffles or something more serious.

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Cedar Point partners with Cleveland Clinic Children's to raise money for kids

Cedar Point is offering a special price on a limited number of rooms at its newly restored Hotel Breakers to help raise money for Cleveland Clinic Children’s. Alec Kulik, Cleveland Clinic Children’s institute administrator comments.

Concussions more than a knock on the noggin

Concussions can be damaging to children’s long-term brain health. Dr. Rick Figler comments.

Loosening the Reins on LQTS Sports Guidelines

Dr. Peter Aziz discusses guidelines on long QT syndrome.

Do You Sleepwalk? You Might Be Able To Blame Your Parents

Study findings point to a strong genetic influence on sleepwalking and, to a lesser degree, sleep terrors. Dr. Deb Lonzer comments.

Emergency Room Season for Kids

With warmer temperatures come more injuries for children adjusting to growth spurts. Dr. Ryan Goodwin comments.

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An allergy is an abnormal or hypersensitive reaction to something. The treatment of allergies is also called Immunology. Some of the most common childhood allergies include plant pollens, bee stings, food allergies, environmental allergies and asthma. Our Pediatric Allergy department is actively involved in allergy research and testing, ensuring that our patients have access to the latest treatment options.

Early introduction to peanuts may prevent allergy in children, study says

Study finds children at a predisposed risk of developing a peanut allergy may be able to reduce that risk by consuming the nut earlier in life. Dr. Brian Schroer comments.

Common Childhood Illnesses

Childhood endures plenty of coughs, sneezes and runny noses—with very few being serious. Common childhood illnesses include bacterial infections (middle ear infections) and viral infections such as Chickenpox and Rotavirus. Most common conditions can be treated with a visit to your pediatrician. Cleveland Clinic's Children's physicians see patients in more than 20 locations across Northeast Ohio.

10 Essential Facts About Whooping Cough"

Experts discuss 10 essential facts about whooping cough. Dr. Camille Sabella comments.

Emotions & Behaviors

Healthy behavioral development involves learning the social norms for acceptable behavior and the expression of emotions. Some emotional/behavioral conditions are present from birth, while others can appear late in an adolescent's life (eating disorders, depression). Many behavioral disorders have the potential to impact a child's ability to learn (ADHD), to focus on tasks, to accept challenges, and to cope with everyday stresses.

Measles Vaccine Not Linked with Autism, Even in High-Risk Kids

Study finds no link between autism and the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. Dr. Thomas Frazier comments.

Corpus callosum ages abnormally in autism

Dr. Thomas Frazier comments on results of autism study.


The medical field that treats the heart and its ability to circulate blood is called Cardiology. Our pediatric cardiologists and heart surgeons are among the most highly trained in the world. Our teams can detect many heart conditions, including irregular heartbeats, valve disorders and congenital defects, while a baby is still in the womb. Our surgeons routinely perform the most complex heart procedures on the tiniest patients, including artery transpositions and Tetralogy of Fallot.

A superhero in scrubs

Dr. Robert Stewart is featured as an everyday hero.

West Virginia teen thankful for Cleveland Clinic Children’s, credits them for saving his life

A teen from West Virginia is crediting Cleveland Clinic Children’s for saving his life. Dr. Robert Stewart comments.

Akron Children’s Hospital joins with Cleveland Clinic to repair congenital heart defects

When 16-month-old Layla Ries recently got a new heart, doctors from Akron Children’s Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital performed her transplant surgery together. Dr. Robert Stewart comments.


The body's bones, joints, and the muscles that operate them form the field of Orthopaedics. Sports injuries are also included in this field, through Cleveland Clinic’s Sports Health Program. Our orthopaedic physicians have access to the vast resources of Cleveland Clinic's Orthopaedic & Rheumatologic Institute and treat more than 15,000 children per year.

Are trampolines risky for kids? Local experts weigh in

Experts weigh in on the dangers and safety guidelines of trampolines. Dr. Ryan Goodwin comments.

Urology & Kidneys

Kidney disease affects the kidney's ability to remove liquid waste from the body. The treatment of kidney problems is also called Nephrology. Our Transplant Center has extensive experience with pediatric transplant patients and coordinates services with our dedicated pediatric dialysis unit.

Amherst teen receives new kidney, ready for college in the fall

Teenager prepares for college this fall after receiving a new kidney. Dr. Charles Kwon comments.

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