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General Wellness Programs


Cooking Classes

Get great new recipes and learn healthy cooking techniques and tricks from expert wellness chefs in hands-on cooking classes scheduled throughout the year.

Cost: $35 per person or $40 with glass of wine

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Private Cooking Classes

Enjoy classes tailored to your interests and abilities.

Cost: $75 and up


De-Coding the Mystery of Food Labels – Your Go-To Guide on Interpreting Food Labels

Manufacturers spend billions of dollars on designing the “front of the package” in the hopes that you will be distracted and neglect to review the most important information about your food.

In this 90 minute Nutrition Program – led by a Registered Dietitian – you will learn to understand the front of package claims, make sense of ingredients and numbers, and get tips on how to navigate the grocery store.

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Cost: $35 (covered by EHP for Cleveland Clinic employees)

Nutrition Consultation

Get a full analysis of your diet from our nutrition experts. Our team can devise a meal plan that takes chronic conditions, medications, weight goals and special diets into account. Consults are offered in person or by phone for individuals or couples.

Cost: $300 per person, $500 per couple. May be covered by some insurances. Please check with your insurance plan provider.

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Grocery Store Tour

Let our nutrition team walk you through the basics of label reading, enjoy a full-perimeter tour, and learn how to put the healthiest grocery store products in your cart. Tours are on Saturdays. Attend as an individual or couple (the rate for couples is discounted).

Cost: $40 per person, $70 per couple

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Stress Management

Behavioral Health Session

Let our experts address your stress triggers and any behaviors that block successful lifestyle change. Then get the tools you need and a practical plan that works for you in this one-hour session.

Cost: $45 per hour

Self Care 4 Me

This six week group meets weekly to explore, understand and address the underlying thoughts and feelings that drive the choices we make.

Cost: $70 for six weeks

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Style of Yoga

Our gentle style of yoga taught at the Center for Lifestyle Medicine is one that everyone can practice. It has been designed in such a way that anyone, no matter age, physical ability or experience level can participate and enjoy the many benefits that yoga offers. No previous experience is required.

Each intimate-sized class allows individualized attention and allows the student to focus on the movement, their breath and learning to quiet the mind. A chair is used as a prop to support the body. When the student is ready, floor poses are offered.

Yoga Program Manager for Cleveland Clinic, Judi Bar E-500 RYT, developed this style of yoga in learning to deal with her own back problem. While specializing in chronic pain and disease, she learned that this style not only helped to treat the patients but aided in preventing some physical challenges. She developed this style of yoga further for patients who found traditional yoga classes intimidating.

Therapeutic Yoga

If you find traditional yoga poses uncomfortable, try these hour-long classes. Whatever your age, physical ability or health, you can discover yoga’s powerful benefits. Pay for individual classes or a series. Pricing packages are available.

Cost: $12 per class or purchase a class pass: 5 classes for $55 or 10 classes for $100

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Private Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Develop a home Yoga routine tailored to your health concerns or rehabilitation needs.

Cost: $75 and up

Women's Wellness Week

Get ready to be empowered! Join experts from Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine at Women's Wellness Week. Our complete program that gives you physical, nutritional and informational tools you need to live healthier and happier.


Join our experts as they discuss a variety of wellness topics in this free, online, Q&A format.

TRIM-LIFE® Classes

Develop a new relationship with food in our six-week Integrative Medicine program. TRIM-LIFE® will help you manage your weight by addressing body, mind and spirit. For class times and to register, please call 216.448.HEAL (4325).

Download our TRIM-LIFE® fact sheet for more information


Beginning in February 2015 TRIM-LIFE classes will be offered approximately every 8 weeks. For more information and details please call 216.448.HEAL (4325).

For Appointments - 216.448.HEAL (4325)

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