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Neurological Center for Pain

Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Center for Pain is one of the leading treatment centers for patients that suffer a variety of pain disorders.


Headache and Facial Pain Clinic
Recognized for its innovative IMATCH program.

Section of Pain Medicine
Treatment for persistent or chronic pain.

Centers & Sections
Learn about our Section of Pain Medicine and Headache and Facial Pain Clinic.
Diseases & Conditions
Find a list of disease and conditions we treat in the Neurological Center for Pain.
Treatment & Services
Information about our Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program, IMATCH program for headaches, and surgical treatment options for patients with headaches, migraines, and chronic pain conditions.
Our Doctors
Find a Neurological Center for Pain physician by location, specialty, name or department listing.
Information on how to make an appointment including, information on medical concierge assistance and how to access your MyChart.
Clinical Trials
Currently enrolling clinical trials for patients with headache, migraine, or chronic pain conditions.
Patient Education
Find Neurological Center for Pain related health chat transcripts, videos, and patient education resources for you or a loved one.
For Medical Professionals
Refer a patient, sign-up for DrConnect and find Neurological Center for Pain career opportunities.


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