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Treatments & Services

Deep Brain Stimulation

DBS is a surgical option for patients with Parkinson's Disease, essential tremor, dystonia, tremor due to multiple sclerosis, OCD, and depression.

Huntington's Disease

Comprehensive care for patients and families dealing with Huntington's disease. Learn more.

Chronic Pain Rehab Program

CPRP focuses primarily on ensuring that chronic pain does not take over a person’s life, and in the event that it does, restoring patients to their maximum level of comfort and function.


Interdisciplinary Method for the Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Headache offers a unique treatment program for chronic headache sufferers whose lives have been severely disrupted.

Surgical Treatment For Headaches

Surgical treatment options for headaches, facial pain, and chronic pain conditions.

Additional Services

Additional treatments from Cleveland Clinic's Section of Pain Medicine and Headaches and Facial Pain Clinic.