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The Internal Medicine Preoperative Assessment, Consultation and Treatment Center (IMPACT) at Cleveland Clinic was established in 1997 and is staffed by the Department of Hospital Medicine. It is one of the leading centers in the country in perioperative care. The main purpose of the IMPACT center is to carefully evaluate patients prior to their surgery and optimize their medical conditions. This helps to minimize the risk of developing complications during and immediately after surgery as well as minimize unnecessary cancellation of surgeries.

We evaluated close to 16,000 patients in 2012. Patients are referred by surgeons from more than 10 different specialties at Cleveland Clinic.

The following are the components of the IMPACT clinic:

  • Evaluate patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery
  • Assess and outline perioperative risks
  • Optimize all chronic medical conditions
  • Order appropriate testing to optimize medical conditions before surgery
  • Coordinate care between specialists preoperatively for complex medical conditions.
  • Make evidence-based recommendations for patients, the anesthesiologists and the surgical team (related to both pre and post-operative periods).

This systematic approach has helped us prepare patients for upcoming surgery, deliver quality care, eliminate unnecessary testing and improve overall surgical outcomes to all of our patients.