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In-Country Offices & Representatives

Cleveland Clinic supports the diverse needs of patients, medical professionals and healthcare organizations around the world. As such Cleveland Clinic has positioned resources around the globe to assist patients and medical professionals with customized healthcare solutions. Select from the locations below to connect with a Cleveland Clinic representative near you.

Canada Canada
Located in downtown Toronto, Ontario.
China China
Based in Beijing, China
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
El Salvador El Salvador
Based in San Salvador, El Salvador.
Guatemala Guatemala
Based in Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Honduras Honduras
Based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
Panama Panama
Based in Panama City, Panama.
Peru Peru
Based in Lima, Peru.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Turkey Turkey
Based in Istanbul, Turkey.
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.