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LTAC Connected Care

Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTAC) Connected Care

Critically ill patients with complex medical conditions sometimes need extended recovery time in a transitional care hospital (or “long-term acute care hospital”). Many transitional care patients have been transferred from intensive care or step-down units in other hospitals. Average stay in a transitional care hospital is 20 to 30 days.

If you are being transferred from Cleveland Clinic to a transitional care hospital, you can still have the peace of mind that comes from having Cleveland Clinic experts by your side.

With this Connected Care service, a Cleveland Clinic physician will visit you daily while you’re in transitional care and continue the world-class care begun at Cleveland Clinic. He or she will direct and supplement the care you receive from the medical team at the transitional care hospital.

Our Patients

This Connected Care service is designed for patients who:

  • Are critically ill, often with multiple diagnoses, chronic illnesses or conditions
  • Need intensive, daily medical care, particularly for serious wounds, infections or organ system failure
  • Need help weaning off ventilator-assisted breathing
  • Require extra recovery time before transferring to a rehab facility or returning home

Why Choose Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) Connected Care?

  • Peace of mind. Even after you’re discharged from Cleveland Clinic, you can rest assured that our experts still will be at your side every day, overseeing your recovery.
  • Coordinated care. We’ll work with your other Cleveland Clinic physicians, surgeons and specialists to continue their care and keep them updated on your progress. Your transitional care will be recorded on the same medical record used by your other Cleveland Clinic doctors.
  • Industry leadership. Continuing the care of our patients outside of our facilities is an innovative healthcare concept. Cleveland Clinic is an industry leader in developing this novel system of care.
  • One of America’s top 4 hospitals. Cleveland Clinic’s Connected Care provides the same excellent care that you’d receive anywhere else at Cleveland Clinic, ranked one of America’s top 4 hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.

Our Location

Cleveland Clinic experts can oversee your recovery at this transitional care hospital:

Kindred Hospital – Cleveland (Fairhill)
11900 Fairhill Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44120
Website: Kindred Hospital

    Insurance Coverage

    Connected Care in a Transitional Care Hospital is covered by Medicare and most private insurers, just like other transitional care services.

    To Enroll or Learn More

    For patients and families who would like to enroll in or learn more about Connected Care in a Transitional Care Hospital, talk to a hospital case manager before discharge from Cleveland Clinic.